November 13, 2011

Kimberly Scott//San Antonio Wedding Photography: Happy Accidents

As a photographer, I have learned that the photos I’m supposed to keep are the ones that are:

Properly exposed, crisp and clear and in focus, properly composed.

But sometimes… I turn my back on the rules, almost purposely defy them because I find a shot that does not meet any of the traditional photography criteria. I have shot so many weddings, I almost go into robot mode when choosing the images to keep and those to reject.

This shot is one I rejected. It was by accident that I decided to keep it. As I was choosing the images to move to the reject pile, I came across this one that was in the reject pile. BUT… it made me remember this moment between Tony and Heather. They had just said “I do” and were only minutes as husband and wife.

I remember that feeling. I didn’t want the image to be lost just because it wasn’t as good as the “rules” say it should be.

I am so happy I kept it. I hope when they look back at it, they are able to recall the moments after becoming husband and wife and focus less on the imperfections (as I’m sure most of the photogs looking have pointed out already:)

This experience taught me that breaking the rules can be rewarding. It also taught me to let a few “rejects” make it to the “keep” pile every now and then. Because the moment caught within these imperfect images is worth more than a perfect image of nothing important.

Maybe I’ll apply this idea to life more often as well; start seeing the imperfect things in life as little treasures of something more special than the imperfect package it’s given in.

I’ll be featuring more of Heather and Tony’s (in focus) wedding soon!

November 9, 2011

Kimberly Scott//San Antonio Bridal Portraits: Stephanie Salazaar

I love taking photos of women in dresses; especially wedding dresses. It’s like you can almost see the dreams they had as a child coming true in every photo. Weddings can be so hectic and often times, I don’t get enough time with the brides alone to get photos just for themselves.

Bridals give me the opportunity to let the bride enjoy being pretty without all the craziness a wedding can create. Stephanie wrote me about bridals and told be what look she wanted. From there, we met and tried to create what she had floating in her vision. She is an artist herself and had more of an artistic (rather than traditional) feel in mind I think we did a pretty good job of matching what she was thinking.

I loved her dress and the softness of her hairstyle. It all worked well with the sunlight and complimented the woodland backdrop. Her mother was along for the session as well and was a great help. I love when the moms can come a long and share in the experience; makes it that more special.

Now that she’s finally married…Here are some images from Stephanie’s shoot!!

CONGRATS Stephanie on your new marriage and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this chapter in your life:)

November 7, 2011

Kimberly Scott//San Antonio Maternity Photography: Carly Johnston

Few things in life make me happier than the births of children. Whether it be my own or those of other beautiful people. Carly and Andrew are one of those beautiful couples. I love the feeling surrounding those who are waiting for children to be born. I find myself so happy to be able to be a part of such special times. I am a very inquisitive person so I find myself thinking… I wonder what the little ones will look like? (they are pregnant with twins), what will there personalities be like?, will they know how special this time was for their parents?

I know I do and I know how blessed I feel to have been a part of it all:)

October 10, 2011

Seattle newborn photography//Slater

Every now and then, I get the pleasure of photographing people near and dear to my heart. This was one of those occasions. In August Jonathan and I flew to photograph Tom and Kristina’s wedding. I met Kristina via my college roommate Kalina. Kalina has always been a very special person to me. She has always accepted me just as I am, supported me in everything I do and is never a high maintenance friend.

I am blessed she is in my life. I also feel blessed to have been able to do photos of her sweet baby while I was in Seattle. I didn’t want to put him down the entire time I was there. With Jade and Lulu being 7 and 8 and thinking they are 21, I miss the gentleness of babies:)

The weather was not the best (being Seattle we have no idea when it would start raining) so we moved pretty fast to take photos of Slater. He slept through most of it and even let me move him into funny positions.

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to share what I love to do with my friends and family. I can’t wait to see this little guy grow up as I take more and more photos of him!

October 4, 2011

San Antonio Singer/Songwriter: MATT ADLER

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Matt months ago to do a shoot for his album artwork. We spent the day shopping and chatting and then finally took some photos. It was a great time. Not only do I respect him as an artist, but I also admire him as a person.

I introduce to you:

Ever since the tender age of 14, singer/songwriter Matt Adler has had a knack for writing songs with catchy melodies, lush instrumental arrangements and memorable harmonies. With influences ranging from brit pop and indie/acoustic artists to classical and eastern sounds, his music always remains interesting and energetic while staying firmly rooted in the indie/folk/pop genre.

Matt is a renowned guitar player in the city of San Antonio. His intricate instrumental lines coupled with his versatile voice (which can be soft and delicate as a whisper to powerful and commanding), his live experience is truly special.


Who do you look up to/inspires you?

I look up to independent artists that make a name for themselves. It inspires me to think that even without bajillions of dollars in record label backing, good music can still get you noticed.


What three adjectives describe you?

Nerdy – I am the self-proclaimed “world’s biggest music nerd”. I demand that a sharp 4 be added to that 4 chord to make it more tasty! Music has this amazing power to affect people emotionally, even without words. I like to use unique elements within my chords and song orders to touch people, even before a single lyric is sung.

Committed – This is a recent development. I used to be scared of pursuing music as a career. A 9 to 5 is a more reliable income stream. But if I don’t take the risk, how will I ever jump to the next level? I had an opportunity to tour with a national indie/punk group but I opted to work for a software company instead. Biggest mistake of my life. But rest assured I won’t make it again!

Annoying – I am annoying in a GOOD way! I network. I’m not afraid to poke people with a pointy stick and deliver a message or request an action. But I also feel like I make friends easily. I love people.


What type of artist are you? (Musician, photog, painter, etc)

Musician. Period. I have zero other artistic ability! Interpretive dance maybe?


What is your biggest source of inspiration?

God, life and love.


How would you describe your style?

From a “sounds-like” perspective, I feel like I sort of sound like The Afters, Jon McLaughlin, Parachute and Melee. From a “style” perspective, I guess I’m indie-pop/singer-songwriter. I feel like my music is catchy and has a lot of energy. It sounds very large.


What is your daily routine?

Well I’d like to say first that my goal is for my daily routine to change VERY quickly! I have a 9 to 5 right now but I have a goal of being self-employed and pursuing a career as a musician within the next 6-8 months. Currently, I work from 8-ish to 5-ish. Most days I immediately drive straight home to produce other artists’ records until 10:30. Then I collapse in a heap and start the whole process over again. Nights where I’m not producing, I’m practicing and gigging. Sometimes I watch Disney movies…


What drives your passion for your work?

More and more every day, I feel like pursuit of any other career path than music is a waste of my life. Life is way too short and you should not spend what little time you have in pursuit of something that you don’t love or aren’t passionate about.


What would people be shocked to know about you?

I’m a post-implementation manager/client services-product liaison for a billion dollar education software company.


What is some of your favorite icons?

The Beatles are undoubtedly my favorite “iconic” group. They changed the face of the entire music industry. Not only did they write some killer tunes, they invented the music video, including lyrics in liner notes, incorporating audio loops into their music (except in those days, they actually had to cut physical tape and re-attach it)… the list goes on and on. Plus they had great hair.


What is important to you?

There are really just a few things – I really want to exude love and joy to everyone I meet in hopes that I can be a blessing in their lives. I also strongly belive that you should pursue your passion – more now than ever before in my life. Life’s too short (pretty sure I mentioned that earlier in this interview!).


What technique/style do you tend to use most?

My best songs are the ones that just “pop” out of me, almost in real time. Out of Reach is the lead single off of my upcoming album and I wrote it in maybe 10 minutes. It’s almost as if the song already existed and I just had to commit it to tape (okay, not tape… hard disk. I need to get with the times). Any time I sit down and attempt to write music, it never works. It has to “just happen”. And I can’t normally start writing a song and finish it later. 9 times out of 10, if I don’t finish it in one sitting then it either A) doesn’t get done, or B) is so bad that I’d rather gouge my eye out with a spoon than be subjected to such crapulent audio.


Who is your favorite artist?

These types of questions are nearly impossible to answer. I have favorites in various genres. Muse melts my face. The Beatles are The Beatles. I love acoustic artists like The Swell Season, Sufjan Stevens, Sarah Jarosz and Jon Foreman. I love Mae, Copeland, Waking Ashland, Anberlin… The list goes on.


What is your latest work/upcoming events? What inspired your latest work?

At long last (a frikking year and a half to be exact), my new CD “Rearranged” is finally being released on October 7th. I’m having a CD relase party that evening from 7 to 10 (doors at 6:30). The event is being held at TriPoint (N. St. Mary’s and 281) and I’m super excited. Wes Harllee and Ryan Proudfoot are opening and Mario Rodriguez is DJ-ing it up when the doors open. It should be lots of fun!


My new record is about transition. Fairly recently I went through a very long period of… well, crap. It was the most difficult time of my life. The album sort of outlines my state of mind – there are hopeful songs, songs about making mistakes, songs about “rearranging” your life, lies, love… yet the underlying theme throughout it all is transition. Out with the old, in with the new. I hope that in some way, others that are experiencing similar struggles can find hope in the music.

Find Matt here:

Web Site 1:
Web Site 2:

Watch our behind the scenes footage:

September 30, 2011

Tony & Heather///San Antonio Engagement Photographer

Meet Tony and Heather. They are such a beautiful couple that I think it would have been impossible to take a bad photo of them! I’m so excited to be shooting their wedding in November as well!

I do my best to use my engagement sessions to tell a story of each couple’s connection. It’s my job to take what I see and help it come across visually in a photo. It wasn’t hard with these two. As you will see, they are very sweet together.

I’ve also started providing a monochromatic copy of all photos to my couples. This is for several reasons:

I love b&w prints, they look great in a cluster on a wall and I love giving a little extra to my clients.

While I love the color versions of these photos as shown in the first two, I just felt that the bw copies told the story better. So that’s what I’m sharing today:)

Tony and Heather, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special experience!

September 29, 2011

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela

Yesterday I got a call from Lulu’s teacher notifying me that she had been dealing with a bully at school. Her teacher said that she had gone to the principle, counselor and the boy’s parents.

I had two thoughts: Why didn’t lulu tell me? and I’m so happy about how her teacher handled the situation.

This is not the first time we have dealt with bullies with Lulu. She was constantly teased last year by little girls who found her clothing style and personality weird. Labeled as a “peacemaker” by her teachers, lulu is the sweetest child. She doesn’t understand why other kids don’t get her. I could tell that this was affecting her self esteem last year. So I’ve done my best to be supportive and encourage her in things she loves.

I spoke with her about the new situation yesterday and she said “I just didn’t want to get anyone in trouble, so I didn’t tell you.” After explaining to her that the best thing was to tell someone and no one would be hurt, she felt better and opened up more. She felt better in hearing that her teacher, principle and counselor (as well as her parents and brother) were on her side.

I truly hope if you have a child going through this, that you don’t just turn your back and hope it goes away. It’s our job as parents to be involved.

Lulu is one of the strongest kids and I know she will prevail no matter what comes, but I love her positive attitude. I could learn a lot from it.

It started raining today and she said “Can I go play in the rain? It always makes me feel better!” I said “only if I can take photos of it.”

Of course she agreed. To further build her self esteem and encourage her art, we decided to start doing original photos of her for her room. I thought this would be a good chance to get some fun shots in the rain.

This is what we got:

I love this girl more everyday.

September 26, 2011

Corpus Christi, TX//Fall Photos

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! Unfortunately, we don’t get much of one here in Texas. While I keep seeing photos of girls with new boots and cute scarves, I am still wearing sandals and tank tops. I don’t like to complain about the weather too much, because it could be much worse, but I do sometimes wish we had the four seasons.

I’ve never been one to linger too long on things I can’t change, so I mold to them.

A few ways I’ve embraced fall in my own way:

  • Incorporating the fall colors into my wardrobe (even if it’s not sweaters and jackets yet). I love the dress below that my lovely friend Zel from Honey in the Sun let me borrow for our beach shoot this weekend.
  • Getting pumpkin flavored drinks/candles.
  • Letting my bangs grow out for the winter for a change.
  • Taking walks at night when it actually feels like fall.
  • Paying more attention to the leaves that have fallen (I swear they have secret messages in them;)
  • Planning more DIY projects with the kids (this week we are making our own picture frames with my friend Chris Pichado)
  • Putting more inspirational books on my list to keep my spirit upbeat through the winter months
  • Living vicariously through craft blogs and Martha Stewart magazines because I know I don’t have the time to do any for myself.
  • Making plans for more dinner parties with friends, because they need it and I need them.
  • Giving myself room for improvement, renewal, change, growth and even failure, because they are all necessary for progress.
I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying your season!  Light a fire, take photos of the leaves, get a pumpkin spice latte… or if you are in Texas, go to the beach and enjoy the breeze!
Many thanks to Zelina Garza and Nichole Groves for taking these photos for me. If felt nice to be amongst friends, in the elements, barefoot;)

September 19, 2011

San Antonio Singer/Songwriter: Taylor Anne Crawford

This is Taylor…

She is a singer/songwriter , 18, drives a VW Beetle, currently writing her first EP with Producer Mack Damon, and has the best heart/passion I have seen in a musician in a while. I met Taylor months ago after being facebook friends for a while. When she asked me about doing a shoot, of course I was excited. We’ve talked about it for a month and knew we wanted to do something that would give her different styles/shots.

With musicians, I’ve found it’s best to give them a lot to work with. They have to use the photos for social media profiles, blogs, websites, album art work, EPKs, etc. If you limit the shoot to a few shots, they don’t get the most out of it.

We did her shoot out in Boerne on someone’s farm. We were only shooting for about a half hour when the storm started coming in. It didn’t matter. I think the rain clouds made for a great backdrop.

We even had the craziest drive back through the storm. I definitely enjoyed not only getting to do photos of Taylor, but also finding out more about her. She is a lovely person and I can’t wait to see what this life has in store for her.

Taylor, thank you so much for letting me get to know you better and allowing me to take such lovely photographs of you!

September 16, 2011

San Antonio Photography: “Breaking the rules” SOOC-Edited photos

Last night I had the pleasure of having a group of creative folks in my living room. We were there to do a project for another local photographer and I will share more of our night and photos of that project later. Rick Rooster Garza and I were chatting about how we shoot and how our images come straight from the camera.

I break a lot of the traditional rules of photography sometimes and my white balance settings are not what most photographers would probably choose. I was explaining to Rick that because I know what my editing style is, I set my white balance to work with what I know I’ll do later. I love the play on colors and light in photography. I like to manipulate it to look as “I” see it and not necessarily as it appears in real life. I like being able to get the image I want straight from the camera so I don’t have as much post processing to do.

I also don’t mind sharing. I get a lot of questions at times about my settings/lenses/shoot style. Below is an example of a few shots I took of the lovely Lacie Dawn while I was helping with production of Rich O’Toole’s music video shoot. Lacie is a local Bad-A makeup artist who was working on the shoot as well. She’s so pretty and her makeup always looks great so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to get some shots of her.

Here are the images SOOC (straight out of the camera) and my camera settings for both. I normally shoot in raw but I was low on card space:

I shot each of these photos with a white balance of 3600 Kelvin. It was noon and the lighting was extremely bright/orange. I loved Lacie’s makeup so I didn’t want to mess with what she had done. I shot a little brighter on the photo of her close up because I loved the softer feel. I also shot with my portrait setting a little less saturated so she would stand out in front of the bright greenery.

I then pulled them both into raw and corrected some of the lighting, used the unsharp mask tool to add some clarity and used photoshop to run some of my own actions. I also cleaned up some of the distracting elements in the b&w photo.

I’m not saying that this style works for every photog’s style. But after chatting with Rick last night and getting his insight on his own techniques, I thought it would be good to share some of my own. I really don’t understand that old school way of thinking where we must keep secrets and be so competitive as photographers and artists. It’s unnecessary because you can find out pretty much anything you want to on the internet. I hope I can continue to work with people like Rick who are not afraid (or intimidated) to share.

We are all in the same boat. Learning, perfecting our craft and running businesses to support our families. I think we can help one another get to the place we really want to be; to be the artists we know are within us.

I’d also like to share a sneak of my last two engagement sessions…