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January 13, 2011

Love notes: one

So it’s no secret that I’m a sentimental kind of girl. It’s why I take a thousand photos a month, cry at the sappiest of lyrics and take video of every moment I can possibly capture.

I am afraid of forgetting.

Jonathan asked me the other day if I would remember sitting in a Panda Express. I said “I think so…” but started taking photos on my hisptamatic just in case we didn’t.

A month from now will mark the one year mark of when Jonathan and I “re-connected” technically, but in most ways… first met. So I decided to make love notes for the next month so that we don’t forget how special this time is for us. My friend Rhi did something similar a while ago and I always thought it would be fun to do. My first one is a saying that we say all the time “love you today” and I shot this little video on my phone with the 8mm camera app. It’s like hipstamatic for video…I can’t even handle it… it’s so awesome.

Same friend… Rhi… introduced me to stop motion… seen in this video from my visit with her back in November in the UK… and mine is in no way as good as she makes hers, but maybe someday…

For you Jonathan…

Love note: ONE

I will be sharing some other lovely people’s “love notes” soon. If you wanna be a part of all the fun… just leave me a comment so I can find you:)

December 27, 2010

Christmas Unwrapped

Christmas 2010:

Favorite gift received: Studio equipment and Victorian Lace cuffs (there will be a photoshoot centered around them)

Favorite gift given: A cover of the song “Paperweight” which our wedding video is going to be set to.

When I asked my close friend Mack (who is a bad A record producer, grammy nominated) if he could give me advice on recording a song of me singing for Jonathan, I just assumed it would be minimal, but he did something much bigger. He offered to help me record it at his studios. So after a lot of moments where I thought we couldn’t pull it off, we did. He is the most amazing friend ever, he is also who walked me down the aisle at my wedding. I was so nervous to do ANYTHING musically after it had been 10 yrs since I had been in a recording studio. Taking that step to overcome the fear of doing it again taught me a lot and I am happy we did it. After nights of not sleeping and with the help of my friends Kacee Boswell and Wes Harlee… we made something beautiful. Jonathan actually cried when I played it for him.

Here is our version.


It may have seemed small compared to Mack’s regular recordings and Kacee and Wes’s stuff, but it was special to us.

Do you ever worry about something so much that it becomes something it isn’t? Well, this is what I did this Christmas. Being that it was the first Christmas since the divorce that the kids went to their dad’s house, I was so nervous that the day after (when they came to our house) would seem less special. That the excitement would be gone and they would just be “kinda” into it.

I was wrong…(take note, because I don’t say that often)

It was just as special, just as exciting, just as chaotic/dramatic/lovely/happy as it has always been. Shame on me for thinking that a date defines how special something can be. Shame on me for whining about the fact that I wouldn’t be the first to see their faces. Shame on me for not focusing on what I have been preaching all along… the togetherness of family.

Jonathan’s mother and Aunt Marilyn came down from Tyler and it was nice to have them a part of everything. The kids loved everything they got and Madi told me later that she would give baby Jesus a present if she could. I love that the kids are always good at reminding us of Baby Jesus when Christmas comes around…makes me feel proud of what they remember.

Jade got the train set he asked for and Madi got a lot of purses… I thought at some point she would get tired of collecting them. I guess she is a typical girl after all.

Jade made Jonathan an ornament at this school. He was so proud to give it to him and so proud when Jonathan liked it. I love that they enjoy giving and not just receiving. They were also so happy and excited to get Jonathan a bike. For the last month he has been using mine (a blue vintage one that’s a  tad too small for him) when he goes out with them. Now he has his own…. The kids just kept saying “WE REALLY WANTED YOU TO GO BIKE RIDING WITH US!” over and over. He loved it.

It’s amazing what 5 dollars can do for a kid. Jade got a Harry Potter wand and immediately thought he could start casting spells. I’ve watched him for the better part of a year practice his “wand” skills while watching Harry Potter and now he has one so it’s legit. ha His face was so serious.

This was also Jonathan’s first time to bake. I loveeee baking. I find it so enjoyable and exciting to see how things come out and how they taste (especially how they taste). Watching him read the ingredients and directions was cute.

White Chocolate Red Velvet… is was soooo good and even more special because we were able to do it togther:)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I can’t wait to start a new year with new experiences… this is my last video diary of this year.