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November 13, 2011

Kimberly Scott//San Antonio Wedding Photography: Happy Accidents

As a photographer, I have learned that the photos I’m supposed to keep are the ones that are:

Properly exposed, crisp and clear and in focus, properly composed.

But sometimes… I turn my back on the rules, almost purposely defy them because I find a shot that does not meet any of the traditional photography criteria. I have shot so many weddings, I almost go into robot mode when choosing the images to keep and those to reject.

This shot is one I rejected. It was by accident that I decided to keep it. As I was choosing the images to move to the reject pile, I came across this one that was in the reject pile. BUT… it made me remember this moment between Tony and Heather. They had just said “I do” and were only minutes as husband and wife.

I remember that feeling. I didn’t want the image to be lost just because it wasn’t as good as the “rules” say it should be.

I am so happy I kept it. I hope when they look back at it, they are able to recall the moments after becoming husband and wife and focus less on the imperfections (as I’m sure most of the photogs looking have pointed out already:)

This experience taught me that breaking the rules can be rewarding. It also taught me to let a few “rejects” make it to the “keep” pile every now and then. Because the moment caught within these imperfect images is worth more than a perfect image of nothing important.

Maybe I’ll apply this idea to life more often as well; start seeing the imperfect things in life as little treasures of something more special than the imperfect package it’s given in.

I’ll be featuring more of Heather and Tony’s (in focus) wedding soon!

November 9, 2011

Kimberly Scott//San Antonio Bridal Portraits: Stephanie Salazaar

I love taking photos of women in dresses; especially wedding dresses. It’s like you can almost see the dreams they had as a child coming true in every photo. Weddings can be so hectic and often times, I don’t get enough time with the brides alone to get photos just for themselves.

Bridals give me the opportunity to let the bride enjoy being pretty without all the craziness a wedding can create. Stephanie wrote me about bridals and told be what look she wanted. From there, we met and tried to create what she had floating in her vision. She is an artist herself and had more of an artistic (rather than traditional) feel in mind I think we did a pretty good job of matching what she was thinking.

I loved her dress and the softness of her hairstyle. It all worked well with the sunlight and complimented the woodland backdrop. Her mother was along for the session as well and was a great help. I love when the moms can come a long and share in the experience; makes it that more special.

Now that she’s finally married…Here are some images from Stephanie’s shoot!!

CONGRATS Stephanie on your new marriage and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this chapter in your life:)

September 5, 2011


I had a wonderful time with Stephanie at her bridal session. I can’t show too much until after the wedding, but I LOVED her dress and veil. She was so open to everything I wanted to do and SUCH a pretty girl. I can’t wait to share more later. Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to document this special time in your life. xo