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October 2, 2010


high school friends.high altitude sickness.karoake.jazz.2000 photos.

That about sums up my last week to Colorado. Joanna and I went to shoot Sam and David’s wedding and it was such a great experience. I had no computer, just my camera and my phone and it was enlightening to say the least.

I was best friends with Sam in high school so when she asked Jo and I to do her wedding, I was so honored and excited.

Their wedding made my heart swell. Seriously, the love between these two is ridiculous! It’s so obvious how much she loves him and he is in love with her, it was really inspiring. I am so happy for her. Looking back over all the years that have passed and all she has accomplished, I am so proud to have been a part of something so magical.


I was excited for the break too. Things around here are on constant go mode. Between keeping the kids on top of homework and baths, planning my wedding, working on getting new business and just worrying about the day to day stresses, I never stop thinking. Colorado was good for that… I did a LOT of thinking.

I have always been the type of person to take advantage of the moments I get to sit and reflect, take a self/life evaluation and make changes or keep doing what’s working. This trip was just what I needed to figure out my direction. Over the summer, I got so caught up trying to do a million things and not really asking myself what I wanted to be doing. Now I am excited to make some changes and it really feel like there is a change in the air, and not just of seasons.

Jonathan and I moved into our new home this last weekend and as hard as the moving was on us, we really enjoyed every moment of it, because we were together. Now I know the love haters are vomiting right now but I don’t care, because it was special to us. We finally have a home together and that means the world to us right now.


Back in Feb. when we started dating, I had just undergone a huge self reflection trip and things were so scary. Now they just seem “right”. Things make sense and for that I am happy. We have had so much happen within such a small amount of time that’s taught us love, forgiveness and joy. I am so anxious and excited to become his wife in just 3 short weeks. We are getting married at our new home and the wedding is completely DIY. So nervous yet happy it will be special to us. We have so many amazing friends helping with everything, that I feel truly blessed.


Of course Joanna and I could not be in the same state without doing random photoshoots… we did some at our AMAZING Aloft hotel and at a Denver Jazz club our friend Joe from high school took us to. We had an amazing time and I feel closer to Joanna than ever before. I have known her since Jr. High and I know we are lifetime friends.





IMG_0077web IMG_0074 IMG_9977web IMG_0082web

I really like his style. Not what I remember from high school, but are any of us the same? I hope not!



Estes Park will never be the same. I’m pretty sure we did the best version of “Shot through the heart” by Bon Jovi…ever. Or at least IIII think so and half a dozen military boys too;)

IMG_0047Stanley hotel

Thanks Jo for such an amazing experience and being there for me when I was ill:) I can’t wait for the next one! xoxo