Photo credit: Zelina Garza

At the age of 30, I know who I am and know that my absolute love in life is taking what my mind creates and letting my camera capture it forever.

I stay passionate about what I do because I am not afraid to fail at or fall in love with every project I take on. My failures keep me human and my triumphs keeping me reaching for the highest star I can imagine capturing.

I’m a storyteller. When I realized I could use my camera as my voice, life changed as I knew it. I like to make people look as they see themselves or even better if it’s possible. I like to capture images the way I see them, because that’s what I want my children to see…(the world through my eyes). I can not live without…avocado, snocones, my mac, 80s music, loyal girfriends, my 5D Mark ii. I am obsessed with natural light, photoshop, self help books, chapstick and anything made by Apple.

I am not special, just here.

Find out more about me (only if you reallly want to) by reading my interview with RAW  or  keep up with more FAQs HERE.

“Close your eyes and hold on tight… for you never know what dreams may come along this ride of life from struggles and success. Be ready to accept them, then spend the rest of your days trying to recreate that which came to you when no one else was around except you and your inner voice. It is only then that you will be an artist that sees with the heart rather than just one who sees with the same eyes as the rest of the world.” -Kimberly Scott

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