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December 29, 2010

In rememberance of two-oh-one-oh

2010 was:

  1. new
  2. lonely
  3. colorful
  4. scary
  5. enlightening
  6. photographic
  7. humbling
  8. humorous
  9. exhausting
  10. inspiring

and full of:

  1. hipstamatics
  2. mistakes and triumphs
  3. endings and beginnings
  4. love
  5. learning
  6. facebook
  7. las palapas
  8. tears
  9. kim and jen
  10. exclamation marks

This awesome app from takes all of your facebook photos and creates a video to emulate your life flashing before your eyes. I think it’s perfect for remembering how life has been the last few years.

My favorite photo of 2010 that I took:

The lovely Katherine Pierce. I will share Kate’s story soon with more photos from this shoot. My favorite one so far.

I am currently thinking about what I want my 2011 resolutions to be. I have a feeling some big changes are coming… as always, but it’s what I do… constantly reassess and reevaluate. It keeps things interesting.