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September 7, 2011

On the other side of the camera: Epiphanie Camera bags

Once in a while, I get a break from standing behind the camera and get to be on the other side. Yesterday, I had the complete pleasure of modeling for Maile Wilson, a local photographer who owns her own designer camera bag line called Epiphanie.

I have been a fan of Maile’s work for years now so when she asked me to model for her, of course I said yes. I think I said yes more than a few times to myself.

After months of trying to get our schedules together, we finally met and I shamelessly acted like a fan-girl. I love meeting fellow photogs and especially love meeting those whom share similar experience and passions. I had a great time and the best part was getting to know more about Maile (she is even more amazing and fun in person than what you see online). It felt great knowing that we all go through the same struggles as people/artists.

I don’t take these kind of experiences for granted and I am excited I was able to meet her, pick her brain for a little bit and hopefully help her by modeling.

Before I left, she gave me some of her designs. It felt like I was on the Oprah show walking out with presents!

Below are the bags I am blessed to call my own. I absolutely love the detail she puts into her bags. The colors, the little tags, the braided straps (with interchangeable shoulder straps) make these bags easy to use and lovely to look at. Fashion+Function makes me happy. Who says all professional photographers have to use black and grey bags?

I love that there is a bag for all purposes… laptop, handbag, courier. I can’t wait to be able to use them all!

Thank you Maile for your time and all of your encouragement! And of course the gorgeous bags:)

You can find better photos and Maile’s whole line at

August 6, 2011

15 Minute Photo shoot: Nicolette Winfield

I am in the process of changing up my website/blog, so I’ll be posting here for a while until the new design is ready:)

It was brought to my attention that I haven’t actually shown most of my work online. I get lost in the day to day shooting/planning/editing that I forget. Because of publication dates and waiting for my website, I have paused posting things online unless someone wants to use if for their profile pic. So I’m going to get a lot better about that:)

I get a lot of emails about the creative process of my shoots and what kind of locations I shoot in, etc. I don’t always have the time to write everyone back and explain that there really isn’t a science behind doing creative shoots.

If I’m going to do a bigger concept shoot, then I like time to plan and get the details of a shoot worked out. If I am working with a creative director, I work the details out with them. But sometimes, I decide I want to do a shoot, or even have things happen at shoots where I have to regroup and work with my surrounding environment.
I’ve always worked this way. When I started out, I didn’t have all the equipment others photogs had so I learned to adapt to what was available to me.

There is more to a shoot than pretty things/people/dresses/makeup to me.
If I have a beautiful model and she looks great and her hair and makeup is great, yet the shoot didn’t capture her spirit, it’s a waste to me. I want to be able to see past the theatrics to the person.
Also, when I’ve had access to amazing equipment but the shoot was just in a room with a black background and lighting, I did not feel as if the results represented “me” as a photographer.

This past Wed was such an occasion where I had not planned to do a shoot. Nicole (a friend and model I had worked with once) and I went to lunch and decided to do a shoot.

I had a commercial to shoot that night and traffic got us to my house much later than I had intended. Coming off of a mentally draining week, my brain was a bit hazy as to what we could do creatively in such a small amount of time. We had no make up artists, no wardrobing, no hair stylist, and my studio was not setup for a shoot.

Nicole being a pro and my determination to do the shoot we said we do, lead to us pushing through and deciding to do it anyway.

I keep a little notebook of quick shoot ideas and had an amazing vintage dress that I had been wanting to shoot in my bath tub so we had wardrobe.
My mom was a cosmetologist (as they called it in her day) so I knew how to do a little makeup (nothing like the pros though.)
We didn’t have time for hair so I just had her wet it down.
I chose red lipstick to add to the drama of a somewhat slim concept.

I took one light, Jonathan holding one reflector and we started the shoot. Once we started, we literally shot for only about 15 mins. She is a great model when it comes to taking direction, so I told her what to do and got the shots. About two shots in, I decided it was a bit flat visually so I went outside and got some Ivy growing behind my house to add some texture.

Now would this shoot have been better had we had more time? Maybe, maybe not, but I am glad to have been able to get the shots I got and I would have regretted not getting them because I wasn’t “as prepared” or “as inspired”.

Sometimes we have to force ourselves to think, even when we don’t want to. We have to look around and see things in a different light, from a different perspective and think about what they would look like together. I put all of my random ideas down on paper when I can manage it, because I WILL forget.

I am happy to have had this 15 min shoot with Nicole. I might just do more of these random, lets-see-what-happens shoots:)

I was able to see my work and Nicole in a different way and for that I’m grateful.

If you made it through all of this…Here are the shots I liked the most: