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January 14, 2011

Love notes: two

So today I share my second love note to Jonathan and some other love notes from some awesome peeps who decided to join:) It always makes me smile when people share genuinely… out of a desire to “just share” and not out of obligation or pressure to fit in or keep up. There are no rules, no judgements on these, just admiration for the courage it takes to show the world how we each see love.

In our own perfect way.

These made me so happy to be doing this!

Mine is something special to Jonathan and I… I usually say “come give me a kiss” and he says “i’ll meet you in the middle” I shot this one also with my iPhone 8mm:)

Stephanie‘s to her soldier husband made me cry:

Jen‘s was a dedication to the start of new and exciting love:

Nic‘s was adorable and candid:

Becky chose to write a note of hope for a future love:

Every one of these videos make me believe in giving everything I have to the person I love. Thanks ladies, you inspired me today.

Wanna know what this whole love notes thing is? Find out by clicking HERE🙂

I will continue to share more as this project continues:) Anyone who wants to participate, just send me a link or video!

On another note, this is a sneak from a project I am eager to share more about soon!

photo by David Teran… so check him out!

January 13, 2011

Love notes: one

So it’s no secret that I’m a sentimental kind of girl. It’s why I take a thousand photos a month, cry at the sappiest of lyrics and take video of every moment I can possibly capture.

I am afraid of forgetting.

Jonathan asked me the other day if I would remember sitting in a Panda Express. I said “I think so…” but started taking photos on my hisptamatic just in case we didn’t.

A month from now will mark the one year mark of when Jonathan and I “re-connected” technically, but in most ways… first met. So I decided to make love notes for the next month so that we don’t forget how special this time is for us. My friend Rhi did something similar a while ago and I always thought it would be fun to do. My first one is a saying that we say all the time “love you today” and I shot this little video on my phone with the 8mm camera app. It’s like hipstamatic for video…I can’t even handle it… it’s so awesome.

Same friend… Rhi… introduced me to stop motion… seen in this video from my visit with her back in November in the UK… and mine is in no way as good as she makes hers, but maybe someday…

For you Jonathan…

Love note: ONE

I will be sharing some other lovely people’s “love notes” soon. If you wanna be a part of all the fun… just leave me a comment so I can find you:)