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June 30, 2008

I love challenges…truly. They give my mind a starting point…

The new prompt is up at TAIF and I was able to do some reflecting with this challenge…

I took a walk…took a photo…and read my journal…I found an entry talking about how far I feel I have come since the days I spent with post partum depression. It was a horrible time for me…I had it with both kids…most days I felt like I was in a cloud…most days I felt so alone. I didn’t recognize myself.

I don’t feel that way anymore…I feel like I can see myself better than ever. So I am thankful for challenges…scrapbooking and life related…How bout you?


June 26, 2008

Warning: Random post below

Soooo much randomness to share today:

1. Happy Birthdays this week go out to
Martha (my sassafrass) I made THIS for her special day…

and Kara (she’s 16 today) and soooo full of life its crazy! I made THIS for her!

2. I hate ERs, hospitals, and inconclusive tests…Wrist_3

3. SIS is having a HUGE ONE DAY SALE today! with the coupon code: oneday, you’ll save 20% off your entire order

4. I am in a creative break right now, maybe its the sickness, maybe its not, but I’m okay with it…truly.

My article on paint is up today at the
Craft Critique so check it out if you need advice on cheap decorating, spray paint, or other products.

6. Jaden said to me today: "mom u look better with lipstick on" Nice!

7. The Art is Found Blog has an awesome prompt up right now that I adore!

8. I love my friends…the one’s who truly care…the one’s who tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…so help them:)

9. I had a great night last night…connected with someone who understood my ADD so much that it was bizarre.

10. I need to start packing…I go to Utah in two weeks…and CHA in three:) I can not WAIT to see my girlfriends again…it’s going to be such a great experience…I can already feel it!

Happy Thursday!

June 22, 2008

lingering memories of sisiversary '08

*walking up to Amber and Rhi at the airport with butterflies in my stomach
*walking into JJ’s seeing Stacey’s surprise face
*almost missing my exits like 5 no 10 times…and scaring everyone in the car i.e. heather, angie, stacey
*feeling at home the MOMENT i saw ashley wren
*laughing at Ashley Wren
*lying in the grass with Rhi and Debee allowing time to stand still
*Joanne not believing I was a mother
*laughing at Ashley Wren
*Cathy saying "hi im Cathy and I am shy" giggles
*Waiting in anticipation to meet all the SISters….i think i was more nervous than they were.
*Being called "Amber" twice by people who thought i was her.
*"Shut yo mouf" via Sarah Bowen
*"creating" with Amy Tan

*spending Sunday shopping with wonderful girlies and photos with Rhi Amber and Tinalynn
*Love Shack, Baby got Back, and Girls just wanna have fun
*Chatting about photography with Courtney
*The guy at the mall thinking Joshie and I were married and charging Josh for my meal.
*Elly telling me I need to change it up a bit…if the shoe fits right?
*JJ and kaylas laughs
*Nikki’s heartfelt talk

*And a million hugs with women who shared so much of themselves in a short amount of time.

and being in a room with CRAZY talented ladies for two days!

Things heard around the event:

"WHAT?" by rhi
"Shut yo mouf…i love you" by Sarah Bowen
"Cuz im gone do wat it do BOO" by sasha or me trying to be sasha
"ew tricky" me
"Inappropriate" by Martha

"You’re so pretty" by Heather
"Right turn, no left, no right" by Stacey
"giggles" from Amber


"paper and glue baby"
"dude, I KNOW"
"ear muffs KIMMIE"

and A LOT of other things that can not be repeated by "Ashley Wren"

and if that’s not enough…

Here are a few photos of my memories! The song is for YOU sasha!

Download sisiversaryb_08.wmv

Photo credits: Sassysasha Amber Ulmer Sarah Christiansen(sp) and me

June 6, 2008

In my daughter's eyes…

...I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be…

This post is dedicated to my Madi-Kay…this last year has provided some wonderful moments…helping me to forgive myself for not giving my all to her during my sickness after she was born.




Tuesday night we were at dinner an the kids got these question cards in their kids meals…
we each took turns reading and answering the cards…Jaden was so into it….so serious…Madi, not so much….

I will now share the conversation…

Skyler: Okay Madi your turn, "True or False…rabbits cages need to be changed…"
Madi: (over skyler)…..TRUE
Skyler: wait for the entire question Madi

Madi: "FALSE" (eyes wandering)
Skyler: okay ready

Madi: Yep
Skyler: "rabbits cages need to be changed every…."
Madi: TRUE (giggles)
Skyler: "oh geez, you are so ADD like your mom!"

Madi: laughing
Kim: laughing
Jaden: "okay madi, listen to the whole question"
Skyler: "rabbits….

Kim and Madi: (laughing at each other)
Skyler: (shocked face) laughing

Kim and Madi: (laughing forever it seemed)
Jaden: (annoyed because he is the genius kid who NEEDS to know the answer already)
Madi: (singing her own made up song at this point)
Skyler: "i hope you know she gets that from you!"

Kim: (in a moment of realization with a bit of pride) "i do now."
Jaden: "Can we PLEASE answer the question already!"


I was cleaning the kids room and found all of these "household" items under madi’s bed in the corner all neatly stacked. I thought it was the weirdest thing ever! Magazines, spoons, pencils, screws, RANDOM stuff. but all neat.

and then i remembered…

my moma telling me that when i was little i used to hide things and i hid her wedding ring….
my dad gave me another ring and said "go put this one where you put the other one" and i took the ring and placed it under their bed on the railing… and there sat the other rings and a few other items…all lined up neatly.

It’s a fun moment to realize that your daughter really is YOUR daughter…
I have often worried if my bond with her was damaged when i was sick….if somehow the time I lost would matter….Now I know it doesn’t. Because NOW, in this moment….she is mine. She is me….In her, I see myself. And I am blessed.

this layout was made by Divian…my first photo swap ever! THANKS Divv! Its beautiful!

Happy Friday!

June 3, 2008

dandelion wishes…indeed

I love the start of things…new things…beginnings:)

I am beginning to get used to this place….a little:)

I was asked to join the group over at The Art is Found blog and I am so excited…
Kara inspires me and I am lucky to be a part of it…

Also, i took this photo for my lovely friend Rhi who just moved to her new blog today…Go show her some LOVE!


its a blog warming gift…i chose the one with the spent seeds to
symbolize how many wishes i have made for her these last few months…

happy dandelion wishes for you at your new space:) i hope you love it as much as your last!

I hope you all are creating your own beginnings;)

June 1, 2008

Tit for Tat

I know I said it on the tape, but I can’t say enough how touched I was to have each of you share your stories with me…I kept seeing more comments and saying to myself "really?". So Thanks again for being so willing to open up and share:)

I figured it was probably a good idea if I shared my own moving on story…

Two years ago I started a blog, not knowing what I was going to write about each day…
My first post YOU CAN FIND HERE…
was a very passionate one…I had just moved to Indiana and I had a lot on my mind. That day changed a lot for me…I began writing again, which had been on pause for a couple of years…and slowly I have found myself….again.

Fast forward til now….that post was two years ago this month and I have moved on beyond what I knew I was capable of. I have had my own new struggles since that post, but I am looking at the world with rose colored 80s raybans on now:) I am so happy to know who and what I love. To be accepted and loved for the good and the bad. I am lucky to share this blog world with you all.

In honor of my old blog…
I’ve been wanting to make a book of my favorite blog posts for a
while…and now that I have moved over here,
I miss my old
blog…like a long lost friend:(…I know its seems redundant to print
out the posts and i maybe the only one who would but i get so paranoid
blogger will delete my blog accidentally:) So I printed out my favorite
posts and added a little paint to each page. Now I can sit and read
them anytime…and my kids will be able to keep them when Im too old to read.. .lol