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January 17, 2010

I think knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can. -Lucille Ball

dear world,

sigh. it has been forever since i sat in front of my computer and wrote a blog post. there are so many reasons and excuses but i think i'll just wrap everything into the rambling below. i feel it explains where i have been, where i am now, and where i would like to go. 

most importantly, i am happy to be back to blogging and sharing with many of the wonderful people whom i have met the last couple of years or loved my whole life.


Truth is. if you are looking for rainbows and hearts. a portrayal of a perfect life, this blog is not for you.

Truth is. if you are looking for four letter words and bitterness, or reasons to hate life, this blog is not for you either.

Truth is. its for me. its for my children. its for your entertainment. its about sharing.

Truth is. over the last year, i lost a husband to divorce, lost myself, lost a hobby, lost my faith, and almost lost my mind.

Truth is. i went from being a stay at home mom of 6 years to being a single parent living on one income. 

Truth is. it has been hard. it has been educational. it has been character building. it has been humbling.

Truth is. over this same year, i gained a since of self worth, learned to love again, found my faith, let go of those who were unhealthy in my world and gained/reacquired some amazing people in my life.

Truth is. i made some good choices, i made some horrible choices, i choose to forgive, i will not forget.

Truth is. i took a year to focus on my health, my children, my happiness.

Truth is. i am still learning to let go. i am still desperately trying to let go. i am loving letting go.

Truth is. i don't know you. you don't know me. but we can love each other. share with each other. enrich one another.

Truth is. i am in awe of and completely blessed by the amazing things that have happened in my life lately. 

Truth is. i am proud to finally call myself a professional photographer although i have so much to learn. i am still proud of how hard i have worked to get to this exciting place.

Truth is. i cherish the people who love me, even if i am not published in a magazine, or on tv, or on the internet. the ones who think more of me than paper, cameras, and type. the ones who call. the ones who write. the ones who send a little online "wave". the ones who matter.

Truth is. i still have a health condition that i fight daily. 

Truth is. most days i win. some days i don't.

Truth is. this blog is not about explaining myself. i won't.

Truth is. this blog is not about owing anyone anything. i don't.

Truth is. i love taking photos. i love writing. i love sharing with beautiful, inspiring people.

Truth is. i have been uplifted and broken all at the same time.

Truth is. i have/am facing my past.

Truth is. sometimes its been beautiful. sometimes its been a nightmare. either way, it's the past.

Truth is. i am not perfect. i am not bitter. i am trying just like you.

Truth is. i am okay with that. 

if you made it through all of that, i applaud you.

i can't not explain how excited i am for the things i will doing on my blog this year. i have fun things planned with some inspiring people. things to share, things to show, things to teach, it's gonna be a fun time and i thank you for coming my way.

some things included in the "goings on" around here…

"Me" Mondays (all the things i love, my self portraits, my memories, my life)

"What we say" Wednesdays vblogs of jade and lulu, they are the cutest, smartest kids, but they are real and hilarious…this will be topics they want to talk about and i promise they will not dissappoint and vblogs of my own thoughts and rants)

"Friends" Fridays (artists or friends i respect and feel like the world should know)

and my 52 week "things i love" self portraits…

week one: hats

52 weeks one 

week two: red hair

 Diptych red hair

There will be videos. There will be photos, some of others, a lot of me. There will be "how tos" and a whole lot of ramblings from the heart. There will be a lot of laughs and tears. But would you expect anything else from me?

This is not my photography blog. If you are looking for that one, it will be live next week! 

This was my show and tell for the Bleubird Vintage blog… check it out. 


stop back again soon and smile…it increases the value of your face:)

this was from Jen's wedding. i usually hate photos of myself laughing but i am glad someone caught it:)


yours, kimmie

ps. i am still working on the design aspects of le blog… i was just tired of waiting and my sponsors were getting restless. if you are a sponsor and you are not listed, i am probably waiting for your logo:)

and to clarify… the posts below are over a year old. the timestamps are not accurate, they were reconfigured when i updated the blog.

January 17, 2010

ready, set, CHANGE!

 my new favorite place…

Bussy's flea market…

we met this old guy who sells old furniture and books…*sigh* i love love love old books.

so i will be saving my money FOR sure to get some of his furniture…another window similar to THIS one i bought last year…and another old door that I have BIG plans for:)

I get that flea market shopping is like the "IN" thing right now…and everyone is doing it (gosh its high school all over)…but…BUT…it makes me happy to get pieces no one else has…so I love my new favorite place…plus…there aren't really any NEW ideas these days…just recycled ones right?

Other new faves…

*wearing my hair parted down the middle and totally "woodstockish"
(i've been wanting to have my hair like this for a while and now its long enough)…plus i've read in 3 magazines that heavy bangs are OUT this season…its time i let them go.Picture_384

*using my IKEA couch for photos…i think its so funky…again…using furniture in photos is not new…but its new to me:)

*getting 7 hrs of alone time with madi 5 days a week…so FUN!


*my new paper star from WORLD MARKET (my other new fave place)Picture_425

*my friend Myra who took these
photos of me just for fun

But I'll be sharing a lot soon…I have some big things coming up…well…big for me.

Happy Hump Day!

January 17, 2010

like father…

like daughter…

my dad is a carpenter…his dad was too…i have always had a love of the art of carpentry.

I have always loved working with wood…cutting it…painting it…so it seems almost natural that I would progress to scrapbooking on it.

I have not seen this done(but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done)…I have seen the woodgrain paper, but it didn't quite do it for me.

I am constantly bothered at how flimsy my pages are…I LOVE interior design and most of my scrapbooking is inspired by things I see in the interior design world. I love paint and fabric and texture…

You should have seen the guy at Home Depot when I asked him to cut 12×12 squares…lol

So I am beyond excited…I only have two photos because I am having trouble getting stuff from my other computer onto this one and this is the one with internet.

I think my dad would be proud…I have not been this inspired in a little while.

I get a lot of questions about scrapbooking…but I have only been scrapbooking really since January so I am learning…I feel I have really only begun. I am more the "student" than the "teacher" right now.

I have made like 10 pages on wood now and I plan on making a whole album…it will be in an album over there on the right soon!

Want some wood of your own? leave me a comment telling me what your new scrapbooking obsession is and Ill send you some.


January 17, 2010

Bling out your blog

i'm so excited for my first class ever…a little bit nervous…but still excited! i've been waiting to update my design until i did it with my class. so look for a new blog next week.

About my class…
if you think you are someone who…
A) has the desire to start a blog but just have not made the leap?
B) someone who has a blog but just needs help with design and inspiration? or
C) maybe you just feel like your blog has gone a bit stale?… This class is for all of the above. i have always kept a journal and decided to make the transition into blogging two and a half years ago and am passionate about my own blog. i consider my blogging an expression of my daily thoughts and a documentation of my life experiences, as well as, a way to share my art…and maybe inspire.

i will give you step by step giudes to designing your blog layouts, prompts for entries, ways to market your blog and build up a readership… for blogger and typepad.

it starts Monday and you have to sign up by then. the banner below will take you to the sistv boutique where you can click online classes and buy i

see you there…
loves kb.

ps- don't have internet until the 16th so ill be in and out when i can get to a computer:) see you then!!!

January 17, 2010

i know i put that somewhere…

i can not find my favorite headband scarf:( boo

it's been gone a long time. i had hoped to find it…but i haven't…and it may seem silly…but it was like Linus and his blanket…no matter what kinda hair day…it was a comfort to know i could just cover it up…okay Linus doesn't have bad hair days…and I don't wear blankets over my head(bad Michael Jackson flashback)…but you get the point…maybe.

so i sit here with dirty hair and a load of stuff to pack…*sigh*
wish me luck that we can get moved this weekend…and i'll still be wishing that this headband will turn up.

I'll be back real soon:)


January 17, 2010


Lots to love today…well tonight…

Finding the time to blog about all that's happened the last week has been a bit hectic. So I decided to throw it all in one.

From my trip to nashville… my first day. went to an estate sale…I went thinking I might find a few little house items to stuff in my suitcase…but no…I found…a closet FULL of clothes that were vintage and just my size. So as requested…I am showing a few of those outfits…This was my favorite I think…a dress that has the coolest pattern and this purple bead necklace…Skyler took these photos before church yesterday.


Vintage_dress_2 _mg_3149

I also got this vintage shirt and I wore it home. I had 3 people ask me if I was in the music industry on my flight from Nashville…to which I replied…"I wish, I'm a scrapbooker". Needless to say they did not ask for an autograph. I love the big bow…I also got this shirt in black with white polka-dots:)and the shades are from my friend Liz's SHADES OF SUMMER…but I decided to make mine fall.Shades_of_summer Headless_pic Also…Madi had her first "right of passage" I guess you could say…I was on the phone with Rhi Rhi and she came in the room and I thought "something looks off"…it was her bangs! THEY were off…she gave herself her first haircut…and it was quite good actually. So I took her with me to get her first haircut:) I actually love her little pixie bangs…she does too…she was so excited to get her haircut…she kept saying "thank you mommy!" Kim_madi_cooler_2 Kim_madi_hand_2 Madi_dumspster_2

So it was a fun week…and I could've posted earlier but I am realizing it is much healthier spending time with my children…and making things rather than worrying about blogging about them. So look for longer posts from now on:)

Also…there is a new prompt up at "The Art is Found" come play with us!

And lastly…I have ended my "leave of absense" with LUXE and they have tips and techiniques from a page I did back in June up on their blog…HERE.

I am looking forward to scrapbooking again with a fun attitude and with no rules.

Still working through my illness but with a better outlook now…new docs, new meds, new results:)

Right now I'm watching the HEROES premeire…so nerdy…but I'm diggin it. I have so much more to say…but maybe another time. Until then…

Happy Monday Ya'll