San Antonio Couples//Blaine & Mimi

I love working with couples… there is always a loving playful vibe. I shot with these two a while back and I’m happy to finally be able to share. I met Blaine almost two years ago when I assisted on a photoshoot for my friend Amber. A year later, she and I shot his band again together. I met Mimi through Blaine and so on.

They are SUCH a pretty couple and super fun. They didn’t mind doing anything I ask them to do.

Each photo of them was full of life and emotion. If I would have had to choose my favorite, it would have to be the b&w below. It’s perfect at showing the intensity between the two of them.

Thank you Blaine and Mimi for allowing me to photograph you guys!

On another note, the bag I modeled for Epiphanie (read post) is available for sale… click on the image below to check it out!


2 Comments to “San Antonio Couples//Blaine & Mimi”

  1. These are all such beautiful photos Kim! You can definately see how in love this couple is.

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