"Sometimes you gotta race Saturdays": Underwater fun

School is out, kids are home all day everyday… I spend my time floating between being so happy to see them more and dying for a small break from hearing “mom… MOMA… Mommy!” every 5 mins.


Yesterday I had so much work to finish and yet the kids kept asking if I would spend some time with them. Real time. Not just watching a movie or getting lunch… but fun time. The kinda time I miss as a grownup.

Of course it wouldn’t be right for us to have fun without taking photos of it all so I bought a cheap underwater camera and we took turns “guessing” where to shoot. These photos were my faves.

Although I had to work more today, it was worth it to take this time to let go. This is two weekends in a row that I have spent time in my swimsuit… I think I like it:)

On a separate note, I have been wanting something different for lulu’s room, but whatever I did had to go with her Hello Kitty stickers. I decided to do some art that matched the colors to balance the cartoon-like decor.

This is one of my favorite shots:

Happy Sunday friends!



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