Friend Friday: Joanna Tilley

I am very excited to share a little about my friend Joanna… I call her Jo. Sometimes Jo Jo.

She is awesomeness. She is quirkiness. She is hilariousness.

I met Joanna in middle school when I had very little friends. We had P.E. together. She let me borrow her Umbro shorts more than a few times but we were never really friends.

In high school though we became friends and I have now known her for 16 yrs. I am very proud of that length of time considering how friendships can be tricky.

People change. People move. People lose touch.

This is Joanna.

Her facebook “about me” states:

“one nation, under a groove!

good mornin’ ladies and gentlemen…

boys and …………’ girls

this is your captain with no name speakin’

and i’m here to rock your world!”

That is why I love her. She is the most fun person to hang out with. She makes me laugh. She has seen me cry. She has made me laugh when I was crying.

She is a photographer, a dancer, a drama geek, a fashion fanatic, kick ball star, kickboxing chick  and  wonderful friend.

She has been a part of some very wonderful memories…

I was at her wedding and when I asked if she could be in my wedding she said “I’ll make it happen” even though she was booked for a wedding two states away the day before my wedding. She drove some crazy hours to make it and I will never forget that.

She is that person you can go a month without talking, but when you do, it’s like you had just seen her.

She is… low maintenance, high energy.

I don’t always get to tell her how much she means to me, but words would not suffice to explain how much.

I just love her… for accepting me, for letting me be a part of her life, for being that person who knows where I came from.

I just love us. The us that changes and disagrees and make mistakes and creates things and continues to be friends.

If you like, check her out on facebook:

or on twitter:

Today’s love notes come from Jonathan to me:) I am still surprised he keeps doing them, but I am loving it.

He sent this one to me while he was touring North Texas…written on his drum:)

Nic made another as well:) Click on the image to go watch her video:

I will be sharing more love notes soon!


3 Responses to “Friend Friday: Joanna Tilley”

  1. Girl you are awesome.

  2. You’re indeed the sweetest friend. Joanna is awesome and I am so grateful for meeting her.


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