Friend Friday…wait Saturday… ERIN SUNDAY

So because of my hectic schedule, Friend Friday got moved to today…so maybe we call this one, Someone Special Saturday lol I kid I kid.

Today’s friend is Erin Sunday. Besides having one of the coolest names, she is one cool chick. I met Erin “officially” back in January of last year but had known her through various online sites first. I have known her awesome boyfriend Will Vastine (photographer extraordinaire) for a bit longer and have always admired his work. When I saw that Erin had started photography, I started to admire hers as well.

Meeting people from the internet doesn’t always work out how you plan. Sometimes (often times) people create a whole new online personality for marketing or “friends” with people strictly based on what they can do for each other. When you see them face to face, they are sometimes nothing like what you expected. Erin was just as I expected. She is gorgeous, sweet and quirky fun.

What stood out with meeting Erin, and what I have learned with my experiences with her, is that she is very real. This word gets used a lot I know with people trying desperately trying to “let the world know” they are genuine. But with Erin, she really is. She is passionate, she’s a fighter and she is just a girl who is trying. Trying to move on, trying to start over, trying to find herself, trying to gain forgiveness for mistakes (which we all are right?), trying to make her dreams her life.

I appreciate that Erin has always shared things with me from her health, to her regrets, to her past. That is important when I become friends with someone. I truly believe until you know deep down who they are, you can’t know how good a friend they will be to you.

Well… she’s a great friend.

So meet Erin…. Sunday…. my friend.

“Here is the part where I tell you about myself. Let’s see. Well, for starters, I was named Erin Louise Sunday by my parents back in good ol’ 1985. I have had quite the… hmm… interesting life and could go on for hours and hours in posts upon posts; but I won’t. Not yet anyway. You will have to come visit me at my blog whenever I start back up again. *wink* I will tell you that I have been to many places in my few adults years. I made decisions, both bad and good. I found my way back home and now you find me here, talking with you. I currently work at a retail shop in the mall and enjoy photography as a beginning side business. I have other projects going on right now, but they are not ready to share just yet. 😉 I began shooting about 2 years ago, thanks to the persistent encouragement of the love of my life, and it has been an amazing journey already. I have learned so much and hope to continue doing so! I hope that you have enjoyed my little blabbing session. I know I am not Kim Scott, but I sure can try to be somewhat close to that level of cool. ;)”

Who do you look up to/ inspires you? “Oh man! There are many people I look up to. I could list them all but that would take forever and I would most definitely forget someone… So… I will just say Jesus. He is pretty much the tops. And my dad. I am turning into quite the Daddy’s girl (about 25 years too late if you ask me).”

What three adjectives describe you? “Quirky, passionate, determined. Mind you, I just asked the people I am sitting with [I can’t help it… I am insecure (AH! That is another adjective!!). ha!]”

What type of artist are you? “Photographer, finger painter, stick figure illustrator, craft enthusiast. Yep… I think that sums it up. 😉

What is your biggest source of inspiration? “Life’s triumphs, of course. What else?”

How would you describe your style? “My photography style? I guess I am still kind of figuring that out. I have dabbled in a little of everything but I really enjoy the more heavily art-inspired, theatrical style. It is so fun!! I love the production that goes into it. My personal (fashion) style has been described as “indie mixed with hippie.” I hope that is a good thing!”

What is your daily routine? “Wake up. Fall back asleep. Wake up again. (Literally) roll out of bed. Shower… maybe. Brush the hair and style if needed. Dress and head out to work. Work for a few hours. Come home and fix dinner. Work on photo or craft stuff and then eventually go to bed. It switches most days but that is normal, I guess.”

What drives your passion for your work? “I guess just the fact it is the one thing I truly enjoy through and through. I feel incredibly lucky to have been offered the opportunity to learn photography a couple years ago. It is the most treasured gift I have.”

What would people be shocked to know about you? “I was born with three elbows? Kidding. I was (always will be) a Marine. Not kidding.”

What is some of your favorite icons? “David Bowie. Madonna. Dolly Parton. Julie Garland. Julie Andrews. Danny Kay. Bing Crosby. Frank Sinatra. Bette Midler. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Am I answering the question correctly? haha.”

Photos: by Julia Arielle Cox

What is important to you? “My family and friends are SO important to me. Without them, my life would be so boring and pointless. Also, I have learned recently how important my health is to me.”

What technique/style do you tend to use most? “I use the technique of kick-ass! ;)”

Who is your favorite artist? “Drew Gardner. Richard Avedon. Kurt Halsey. Ray Caesar. Jim Houser. Oh man, so many others I could list! Can you tell I am indecisive? ;)”

What is your favorite brand of jeans? “Typically any kind I get from my sisters that fit (I am a hand-me-down kind of girl). In all seriousness, I don’t wear jeans enough anymore to give me a reason to buy a new pair that is nice so I can’t really say I have a favorite brand. I think the last time I did, it was Jordache (Don’t worry… I was in 3rd grade). ha!”

“If you like, please say hi at any of the places below. I enjoy making friends. :-)”

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7 Responses to “Friend Friday…wait Saturday… ERIN SUNDAY”

  1. this is such a terrific post! i too have enjoyed seeing erin’s work online and am excited to watch her art grow. thanks for such a great feature. her answers were a lot of fun. (loved the jeans question!)

  2. What a fantastic post! Miss Erin Sunday is the bomb-diggity. Love these features!

  3. Great post Kimberly!
    Erin is so lovely! 🙂

  4. Such a great post. I am glad you introduced me to her work!

  5. aw! Kim you are too sweet and I can see why you posted about Erin her work is amazing and she looks like so much fun. I really enjoyed reading her responses. Great post. 🙂 Oh and I love her name.

  6. Aw, Erin is so adorable! Loved the interview. What a cute segment!


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