Inspiration Block

Recipe for inspiration:

(When things seem overwhelming)

Stop worrying
stop wondering
stop second guessing
stop fearing
stop forcing
stop the excuses
stop overthinking
stop underestimating
stop procrastinating

Just stop.

Then start again…

Start planning
start thinking
start focusing
start doing
start over
start sharing
start caring
start living
start giving
start again
start together
start within

Just start.


5 Comments to “Inspiration Block”

  1. There is the Kim I know and love.

  2. Is this you or from someone else? It’s a great idea!

  3. I looked for your other blog the other day but couldn’t find it.

    I am so happy you are blogging regularly again:)

  4. I definitely need to STOP sometimes.

    But, I also have a problem starting lol

    Love to you.

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