This year I will… not…

So I’m not usually one for resolutions in the sense of new attitude or losing weight or changing things over night. BUT, I do believe that everyday we wake can be different than the one before. We always have a chance to do things better and what better time to focus on that than the new year. So I’m in.

This year I will:

Try my best.

This year I will NOT:

worry about what people say… much.

give the kids popsicles for breakfast… as much.

put off updating my calandars… again.

undervalue my work as a photographer/media consultant… unless it’s for a good cause.

ask jonathan to hand me things… more than once a day… hopefully.

put off doing that thing that is awesome that no one knows about… yet.

care that I am not the WORLD’s best photographer, blogger, mother, healthy eater, organizer… except when it matters… which isn’t often.

forget to tell my loved ones how lucky I am to have them in my life… forever.

forget where I came from… ever.

forget who I am… without Jonathan, Jade and Lulu

love any less than my heart is capable of loving… right now.

Love you friends!

Check out Jonathan’s New Year post… it made me cry… again.

Photos of our NYE party…


12 Responses to “This year I will… not…”

  1. This is a wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing and helping us remember what is and is not so important in everyday life. Keep up the great work, you are FAB! xo

  2. ❤ you.

  3. Adorable film strip! I love that you focused on the not:)

  4. Oh I love the processing on those photos!!! what did you use Kimmie?

  5. just about the best list i have seen yet!


  6. I just love your words…..always! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

  7. This must be the party you were putting together after we left you this day. I think it’s AWESOME that you created a backdrop for photo-taking. Very creative! Looks like you got your New Years Kiss…beautiful pics…beautiful goals! p.s. You may not be THE WORLD’S BEST photographer…but you are defnately one of them! Word’s can’t express how greatful I am for these shots of us you got earlier this day. Thank you!

  8. oh you know I be lovin’ this!

  9. Fabulous post Kim! Loving the new blog and your new direction. ❤

  10. thanks a lot guys:)

  11. I like your NOT message a lot. xoxo


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