Friend Friday: Mack Damon

So I have decided that I have the best friends in the world. Looking back over this last year, with everything that has happened, I realized how many amazing people I have supporting me. I thought doing a little post every Friday about a different friend, would be the best way to show them how much I love each and every one of them. Considering my year started with a life-changing event that led to meeting this person, I thought it only right to start with him.

I introduce to you…

The Mack Damon

Mack is:

a wonderful husband, father, friend.

grammy nominated record producer

amazing photographer and mentor

THE most important person I met this year.

Mack and I met via the wonderful world of facebook. Shocked? Didn’t think so. He was a friend with my loveable friend Amber Rose and I requested his friendship.

He accepted (which now I understand what an honor that is)… and this was our first interaction…

That was the beginning and there have been a ton more fb messages, iChats, text messages, photos and now even a song to mark our friendship.

I met Mack after having my heart broken and I believe without a doubt, he saved my life.

He sent me songs to help heal the wounds I was carrying.

He convinced me to leave my house for coffee and studio sessions so that the scars of my hurt would be minimal.

He made me believe that no matter what I was going through, someone cared.

He cast light on a darkened heart so that I was able to open it once more and meet the love of my life. (I find it no coincidence that he came into my life before Jonathan reappeared)

He knows some of my deepest secrets and yet he treats me like I am golden.

He has the most beautiful wife and children and is not ashamed to say it.

He is an example, a rock, a light, a safe place to fall.

One of the honors of my life, was having him fill in for my father at my wedding. There was never a question in my mind who I would ask to do it. I was blessed he said yes and I will never be able to adequately explain how much that experience changed me.

Mack is that person who will tell you the truth about who you really are, but also tell you who you are not.

He once told me what my enneagram number was 4 (the individualist) I thought… no way he could read me that well… I read what it said that meant and he was DEAD on.

He is so engaged in the people and friends he surrounds himself with that often times, he thinks of them more than himself.

I find it funny that he is a producer because he is constantly introducing his friends to each other, helping with everyone’s life plans, playing psychologist to everyone and still acting as an amazing father and husband.

He has always accepted me  just as I am.

He has helped me see through the fog of relationships and discern those friends who are genuinely happy for me no matter what I do from the ones who sit in the background and judge and manipulate and cast negative energy into my life.

He is that guy who is happy for you, even if he’s having a bad day. Rare in a world where people want you to share in their misery.

I have said many times that I do not know what I have done to deserve such a friendship.

He gets me.

When we were shooting the video for Laura Marie’s music video… the first day we met in person… this was the sign he gave me… so fitting.

We have love. We have laughs. We have tacos at 3 am. We have talks. We have time. We have each other. We have an understanding of what it means to live a double life of being at home with the people you love and out with the people who pay you.

That is why Mack Damon is special in my life.

The song we danced to for the “daughter/father” dance at my wedding. It’s perfect for us.

I love you Mack.


6 Comments to “Friend Friday: Mack Damon”

  1. Kim, this is beautiful.
    How lucky you are to have a person like him in your life.
    (and I have to admit reading this made me a bit sentimental since I’ve never had a ‘real’ male figure in my life).

    ♥happy new year!♥

  2. and you know what, he is pretty lucky, too.

  3. Hands down one of the most beautiful tributes I have read in a long time.

  4. This is simply beautiful! ❤ I love Friend Fridys.

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