She is love. Because…

1. I can never get her to focus but she’s a brilliant child.

2. She likes to make headbands and cards with things lying around the house.

3. She got the award for being most polite in her class.

4. Although she’s younger, she plays moma bear to Jade.

5. She wants to be a “AMINAL doctor” (spelled like that) when she grows up.

6. She writes songs and sings them for strangers with a moment’s notice.

7. She would rather a paintbrush and paper than barbies.

8. She’s obsessed with the Littlest Pet Shop.

9. She is a little ray of light everywhere she goes.

10. She…

loves: everyone and Jesus

likes: Cheetos, popsicles, cartoons, pizza (no pepperoni), painting, singing, playing guitar, karate, and tickling her brother

dislikes: meat, having her hair brushed, homework, cleaning up messes, and her brother tickling her back

says things like: “what tha” “heavenly father help us be nice” “thanks sucka” and “well that’s weirrrd”

I was sick for the last couple days after returning to the US and she was so concerned about me, she stayed awake until I pretended to be asleep. She is constantly asking if I need anything, constantly hugging Jade and Jonathan, constantly dreaming of bigger things than I believe her mind understands. She is the most beautiful daughter I could have dreamed for and yet most of the time she has random things stuck in her hair and her hands are always dirty. She makes me think and love and laugh.. alot. And although I should be looking down to her… I find myself oftentimes looking up to her. That inspires me.

Below is a little slideshow of a few of our images from our shoot with Kassia Meinholt. I love her work and so happy to have met her. She captured my lulu perfectly and as a photographer, that means the world to me.



  1. I love this,she is so beautiful! I wish we lived closer to one another, it sounds like her and Winter have a lot in common. I think they would be the best of friends (kinda like two girls i used to know lol) I miss u!

  2. This is awesome.

  3. Great job. She does have an amazing voice. I am so glad I’ve Been able to meet both of your children. You have such an amazing family 🙂

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