There are few videos(or photos really) of me or my family from when I was younger and that has always saddened me a bit. As I get older, it is becoming more and more apparent at how much my memory struggles to remember things.  I have some pretty amazing experiences sometimes, whether it be with Jade and lulu, Jonathan or the clients and friends I work with on a daily basis. There was a time I tried scrapbooking the memories, then capturing them with photos. And while they are great avenues to collect memories, they aren’t the same as video. I find that video gets everything.

Our friend Gabe, gave us an HD flipcam for our wedding. And while I have an amazing Canon 5D that shoots AMAZING video, it is not always convenient for me to use. So for the past month, I have been walking around annoying everyone around me taking little videos of my life…. just little snippets to capture everything. I have also found this camera useful in capturing behind the scenes footage to share with clients of their photoshoots.

I’ve decided it would be fun to piece them together in little weekly diaries… a week in review if you will. Today I am sharing my first one… looking back over my week, I am found such an appreciation for the fact that I am able to do what I love, be surrounded with awesome people and laugh a lot.




  1. I absolutely love you. You.are.amazing!

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