Behind the Scenes of David and Melina Montelongo Shoot/San Antonio Photography Chris thinks he’s smarter than me (only on somethings), and I am always right. Chris and I met back in February of this year via facebook (of course) and we have been ridiculous ever since.

Our story:

After months of being friends on facebook and Chris stalking my photos (hey, it’s my blog so this goes how I want it)… I put up a status saying I wanted to do a night photoshoot. Chris responded and said he wanted to do it. We exchanged numbers and started planning the night. We decided not to do the shoot afterall and chose dinner and going to a local venue to see some friends’ bands play. Sooooo our first friendate (not a word. whatever.) was at Las Palapas. I am pretty sure I kept saying Las Palapos the entire night.

Things that stick out from me that night…

1. my amazing taco

2. Chris saying “your online persona” doesn’t do you justice

3. Chris and I deciding we were already on our way to BFF status.

And so it goes, the last 9 mos have been awesome and I am so happy he is my friend. I have been blessed to work with him (although he has no proof of it, because I haven’t given him his copies) several times and it’s always quite an experience. He helped me shoot a video for Jonathan’s birthday, shoot a TV show for Time Warner Cable, shoot the Parabelle music video and has done countless random photoshoots for me with usually short notice. I don’t always get to say thank you enough… so thank you Chris. You drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way and I look forward to working with you more.

This last week, I did a photoshoot for David and Melina Montelongo for some upcoming projects they are starting. What stuck out to me about them, was their dedication to each other. She is so supportive of her husband and he is so into her. We had a great time at their shoot. Chris shot behind the scene footage and helped me with lighting. We all had a great time and I can’t wait to show their photos.

I am really enjoying getting back to blogging how I want. I have some cool interviews with some amazing people going up soon and I can’t wait for the holidays!

The photos below were taken by Jen while we were waiting for David and Melina. I think they are so indicitive of our friendship:) and the behind the scenes of our shoot is below as well.

Chris took this one while we were testing the lights. I really enjoy learning when we shoot, Chris is amazing with lighting (shhh don’t tell him I said that though).

Chris wrote random comments in my planner back in May when I got it. There is no way he could have known that the week he chose for "week of the redhead" would be my wedding week.


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