I really really love shooting music videos. I would do it everyday if life permitted… this one was my favorite one to be a part of thus far. When Kevin, the lead singer of the band Parabelle contacted me about working together of course I said yes! Kevin had an amazing idea (although most of his ideas come from me but I let him think they are his…I kid I kid) and I loved the song. Kevin came all the way from Canada and met his band in Texas and then they came on to San Antonio. We had limited resources and limited time but it was some of the most stressful, chaotic, hilarious, sleep deprived, exciting days I’ve had. My friends Chris, Kurtis and Rick are all amazing photogs/videographers and I was lucky to have them be a part of it as well.

Last minute our actress could not make the shoot so I had to play half “girl in the video” half “art direction girl.” I learned I am definitely more comfortable behind the camera… my camera shoots HD and you can see EVERY imperfection and I have many;)

The guys slept in my loft and it was like living in a frat house for 3 days, but in the end it turned out great. My awesome husband even filled in for the drums on late notice. I have to admit there were times that I didn’t think we were going to make the deadline and we had a lot of wild things happen, but none of that matters when it’s all over and the video looks amazing right?

I learned a lot from all of these guys…each awesome in their own way. Where I lacked technically, they made up for it. I would definitely love to do more with them and other creative minds in the future. There is such an energy when everyone is working to achieve something fun and artistic and egos are set aside.

The video was made to go with the release of Parabelle’s new album release on November 16th. You can find these guys on their FACEBOOK. When I asked Kevin about his album and video shoot experience, he said:

“We look forward to our fans hearing the new album and hearing the new sound we’ve brought on this record. We got to shoot our first video with this band and it was a great experience for all of us. We got to work with some great people and look forward to working with them again in whatever capacity we’re granted!”
Thanks so much guys for sharing this experience with me!
Check out the video below:

All images copyright Kurtis Kronk….



  1. Damn! That was such an awesome video, and it was made even more awesome because Kimberly was in it! Loved it. How do I down load the song to my list?

  2. WOW, Kim! You rocked this ooooouuuuut…!!! Awesome job! And LOVE the song, this band is good…

  3. hey, this is the first that I have seen of this!!! Very very cool! I had an awesome time and it was so much fun to come hang out and work with all of you. We will def have to do it again!!!


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