I wish I had more time to be here but I’ve been away for good reason.
A while back I decided I wanted to get into doing more video and teaching projects. Through the relationships I’ve built over the past few months doors have opened to doing both.
I have the most awesome feeling when I see an idea or concept come to life and lately I have seen many.
I had the opportunity to produce my First TV show called “A Night of Fashion” hosted by my roommate and fellow webcaster Jennifer Coffey.
To be perfectly honest, I was super nervous about all the logistics of such a production. But I had amazing support from start to finish and through it all I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. I really feel it’s these times in life that show us just how big our dreams can be.
My friend Chris helped film it all and Jen did an amazing job hosting it. I had some bumps along the way with editing but my awesome friend Mack helped me over them.
Jen brought me a ton of cheetos and skilttles and peanut butter and apples the whole time and Jonathan was an amazing support.
In the end, it’s a project I’m very proud of… Something I was happy to put my name on. I will continue to learn more and will someday look back on this as just a starting place.
For those of you who are local…you can watch it on Time Warner 988 under Art and Cultural.
Jen and I have also continued with our weekly webcast. You can check it out at The photos last are of Jen and I switching personalities for a day. She even spray painted her hair red:)

I’ve also had the opportunity to start some projects with a social media group. My friend Melina and I have started speaking on branding and marketing your business, as well as, a project I will explain more about later.
For now I am excited about the big changes happening and all of the people I’ll be working with.
Today I am grateful…
For the opportunities
For the excitement
For the day.
Happy Thursday friends!








  1. well done lov!!!!
    so proud.

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