he is:

my boyfriend.

a drummer.

my best friend.



loved by many.





This boy is the calming force in my life. I met Jonathan after a year and a half of turmoil within my life and myself. He changed that. He allows me to be myself. He brings out the best in me and has taught me true, unconditional love. He makes me laugh when things get crazy. He makes me cry with the love he so freely gives. He loves his family and my children with such passion. He loves his profession with such conviction.

I never knew I could know love so deep until I found myself in love with him. The rough times in life seem smaller with him around. He has never raised his voice to me, nor I to him…something my past made me believe was impossible in a relationship. He helped warm the bitterness I had been carrying for so long.

He sees the world through the same glasses I do. He is colorful and full of life and attracts light in all that he does. He has taught me that no one is perfect and acceptance is key in relationships. He isn’t perfect. I am not perfect. Our love is.

I was reading a message that he wrote me with 100 things he loved about me and realized how I never want to take what I have for granted. This love doesn’t come often. It takes work to be understanding and grateful daily…to let the little stuff go…to be yourself and let love guide you.

So Jonathan I want you to know, I enjoy every moment I spend with you…

how you make me smile with one look

how you like the way I say “internet”

the love you show my friends, my family and my children

your love of Motley Crue and Bon Iver

the random photos you send me from the road

how you spend more time on your hair than I do

that you don’t care if I’m online, on Tv, or on the radio

how the crazy disappears when we are together

how you are so supportive of everything I do

that you dance with Madi

that you hold Jade when he’s sleeping

that you told my mother you loved her too

you watch my show like you are my biggest fan

you tell me I’m pretty even when I look a mess

that deep stare you give that takes my breath away

that we say the same thing at the same time constanly

that I feel safe with you

your humility, your passion and your hope

I love it all.








ps folks: I have not been around due to some big decisions I had to make with the direction of my blog in reference to sponsors and such. I am also in the process of having a design of my sites made.

As you can notice I have no links to sponsors. Making the decision to not have sponsors and do my own thing was hard, but I simply have to time to be tied to projects others require, especially when the things I’d be promoting don’t really apply to my life anymore. So this blog is for me, when I want to write and how I want it to be.

Also, I had to change the name out of a tad bit of drama with another blogger who had already branded the Like Lucy name. I had no idea. Rosebud is my nickname so I’m okay with that:)

I miss this place and hope that now without all the demands, it can be a place of expression and sharing. Thanks to everyone who continues to email me words of support and love. xo



  1. so happy that you are happy. 🙂
    it was nice to meet jonathan. he sounds so wonderful! 🙂

  2. So happy for you, girl!! I understand totally. ^_^

  3. lucky you & lucky jonathan. i got lucky like that too…but it took a lot longer!
    fabulous blog~

  4. I hope he will not be mad by my saying he is so pretty! And you two make such a pretty couple. I am so happy you have found peace in a man who loves you just as you are. Blessings to you, Kim.

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