Ethel: What are you writing about?
Lucy: I’m writing about things I know.
Ethel: That won’t be a novel. That will
be a short story.

Ever have those moments in life where your friends look you in the face and tell you the straight up truth (even when they know you don’t wanna hear it)?… well I love those moments.

I mean… in the actual moment I hate them because it’s sort of a Jet Li kick of reality to the face… but yeah i come around:)

Jen, my friend/boss is that friend to me. A few posts back I shared some photos we did for the boutique she owns and I work for. I mentioned I would explain how I met her later.

It’s later.

When I was about to get divorced, I went into panic mode… more like FREAKING OUT that I would not be able to support myself. I knew I wanted to keep doing photography, but was new to San Antonio and had not really found my place. Reality really set it that I would eventually have to take care of myself and my children. I had been a stay at home mom for 7 years. My husband supported us the entire time and I didn’t have an education to help with getting a job. I knew I had an uphill battle ahead. Now over the last year I had many people who helped me for one reason or another, when they were not obligated and for that I am extremely grateful.

But… I knew it was important to get involved in the community and get my name out there. I did not have the money to place ads or market myself on a large scale as a photographer. I have never been afraid to fail, but I have to admit I was nervous.

Then, one day I am looking on facebook and see all these random ads popping up saying things like “Do you want to be a photographer?” and “Become the photographer you’ve always wanted to be?” I was so discouraged… by the 4th one I was like “UMMMM stupid facebook, I AMMM a photographer. I just need work!”

I had hit refresh about 5 times looking for anything that would help me find direction. Finally, an ad for a boutique grand opening popped up. I thought if I could do photos for that event, maybe they’d let me pass out business cards or even just meet people.

So I wrote Jen on facebook offering to do photos for the event but didn’t hear back. I just brushed it off and moved on. The day before the opening she contacted me saying her photog had bailed and ask if I was still available… I was… and here we are.

A year later, and what a year it has been. We have done photoshoots in two states, fashion shows at 3 locations, facebook marketing talks, and endless appearances at local events. She has been truly accepting of all my life hiccups and I could not ask for a better boss.

I am blessed to also call her a friend. Also this last year she has given me advice on everything under the sun. From bad boyfriends to financial solutions, she has always been right (she’s given me many Jet Li kicks to the face) and for that I am blessed.

She is a successful, driven girl who is just chasing a dream like the rest of us. Everywhere we go together, we get noticed. I remember the first time I went to an event with Jen the door guy said “10 bucks” she said “Uh, I don’t pay…” and we didn’t, and haven’t since.

Today I am proud of her. With fashion shows to plan and employees to manage, she keeps it together (and heaven knows I drive her crazy) and keeps pushing toward her dream of owning a home in Colorado. She inspires me. She treats everyone who works for her like they are super important and family.

We had a slumber party last night in anticipation for being featured on San Antonio Living today… Below is the video from the show today and photos from last night.


Congrats JEN on taking another step to that home on the mountain! I love you.

Pillow fight anyone?


Megan and I proving we are kinda still young…


Rare chill moments…


Behind the boss’s back…


After our “appearance”…

Jen and I of course getting more photos of ourselves. duh.

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday… I will be back with my 30 things to do before 30. I’m pretty excited about it!! I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year.




  1. happy birthday….I hope you have an amazing year..

  2. How fun for you. I am glad the photography thing is going well for you. I will have to look the store up next time we make it to S.A.
    best wishes,

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