Creative Artist Spotlight “Laura Marie”

Today I am debuting my new feature "Creative Artist Spotlight".  

When, I put out a call for artists on my facebook back in the fall, I had no idea I would get such a response. My list for this year is amazing.
I will be featuring local and national artists such as photographers, musicians, crafters and writers.
I am inspired daily by those I see around me or online, I thought it best to share what I see.

My first artist is Laura Marie.

Laura marie pic 

Photo by: Mack Damon

Here is Laura Marie's latest music video (can you see my cameo?) 

Speical thanks to Mack Damon for filming and editing.

I had a great time speaking with Laura Marie and I plan on being around here a lot more soon!

Happy Thursday Friends! ❤


6 Comments to “Creative Artist Spotlight “Laura Marie””

  1. I love the video and the song. I dig the spotlight because it is such a great way to see all the wonderful creative people out there! And you always make me smile!

  2. I wanted you to know that I’ve passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you 🙂
    Thanks for being a beautiful blogger!

  3. I love you && Laura. This is so exciting haha.

  4. Dear Kimberly.
    I put your blog on the side bar of mine because well I love your photography, your crafty, but most of all even though I dont know you I can tell you are very real…I feel like we could hang out and have coffee…is that weird? not sure but I really think your if that ok with you Ill keep you there…be well and have a great tuesday…

  5. Totally dig your creative style and wish I could work with you. also, your kids are just beautiful!

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