I love Lu-Lu

Currently I am lying in bed, Missy Higgins in my headphones and random blogging from my typepad app on my iPhone (it lets me upload photos and everything:) I love technology, my new polka-dotted ruffle skirt and my little mini me.

 Tonight Jade fell asleep early so lulu and I ate Milano cookies and thought of things to photograph with my phone. Then we sat on the balcony wrapped in a blanket until we both fell asleep. Before she dozed off she said "i cant wait to think of new things to take pictures of." sigh warms my heart. I love these random nights:)
The photos below are from my hipstamatic app for my phone.
Happy Friday friends<3

I love Lu-Lu

I love Lu-Lu

I love Lu-Lu

I love Lu-Lu

I love Lu-Lu

I love Lu-Lu

I love Lu-Lu


5 Comments to “I love Lu-Lu”

  1. Oh Kim…what a lovely evening…enjoying the good life of being a mom!! LOVE it.

  2. Fun!!! Love what apps you have on the iphone. I’m getting one next month…

  3. Cutest.night.ever.
    You make me not want to wait for my own little monsters. 🙂

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous and so is that skirt! Love the lucky charms pic btw. 🙂

  5. How did it take me so long to rediscover your blog? I was going through my google reader, and realized you had moved. I really like these photos…been thinking about getting that app for awhile now. You might have convinced me.

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