"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done." Lucille Ball

This blog really is becoming a documented journey to finding happiness and myself again. And I like it:)

I don't really have a ton of regrets in life. A few. But its the things I didn't do that I regret more. Chances missed. Opportunities lost.

So lately, I have really tried to take advantage of every little thing that has been put in front of me. I really feel good about where things are going right now. Really, Really good. I feel like for the first time in a long time, I am getting to do what I want. Be who I want to be. Go where I want to go. Taking the time to prioritize what's important and "who" is important.

So often, I have put things I wanted to do on the backburner because life happens. However, the last two weeks have been magic. 


Renewing my faith in my ability to pull myself up when life gets rough. And reminding me that if you want something, you just have to try. I am not much for worrying about failure…so I've jumped. Doing things that make me happy and enrich my life. 

I am taking the time for me. To become better for my friends and family and that makes me happy.

Oh how I love Austin. so. much. I spent a lot of time there the last two weeks and I have to say, if given the chance, I would love to move there. Sometimes it already feels like home, if that makes sense:)

I got the opportunity to hang out with a lot of friends this week. I had client meetings in Austin to I was able to make an excuse to see everyone I knew there. I was so humbled that my friends were extremely busy themselves and yet made seeing me a priority. 

I am working on nurturing relationships with those who care about me. There is nothing more satisfying than people who put care about you just as much as you do them. I have so many of those people in my life right now and its an amazing feeling. We teach people how to treat us…truly. 

A few people I had the pleasure of hanging out with this week:

JJ…I met him doing live band karaoke, immediately knew he was awesome. Such a fun person and amazing musician. I promised him for almost a year I'd go see a show and I finally did…it was sooo worth it.

I took my friend Katie. Another friend I've known awhile just never had the opportunity to spend more time with. She is so fun!


Katie and I also met up with AJ…she is AJthepurple on twitter and we had the best time chatting and sharing "internet" world experiences…She is a lovely girl and I look forward to seeing more of her.


I'm finally taking the time to spend alone time too. Just going to have tea by myself and think about what I really want to be doing with my life. It's been refreshing to listen to myself for once.

Also something I have made a priority, is spending more alone time with the kids… Nothing is better than the feeling that they know they have your complete attention… I love those special moments and hold onto them so tightly.



So I hope you guys are taking the time to do things you enjoy and care about. Life is too short to have regrets. 

I missed quick tip Thursday last week… but better late than never…

Sometimes I want to take photos but I am not at the studio and its late so there is no natural lighting. So I was experimenting with an IKEA desk lamp and found a cool way to do indoor photos. I attached it to the table and sat LuLu in a chair by it. I adjusted my white balance so that it would compensate for the yellow tint and shot really close to her face. (you can also adjust colors in photoshop if you don't wanna do it manually)

This was a fun little headshot I was able to get for her project at school. It took 5 mins and no extra money. So get out those lights around your house and play:)IMG_1505web

I will be back next week with my first Featured Artist! So keep checking back!

❤ Kimmie


17 Comments to “"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done." Lucille Ball”

  1. great quote girl!! man, lucy sure did have some good ones, eh??
    thanks for sharing your life again. you make me smile. 😀

  2. you are my hero.
    i mean that.
    with all my heart.

  3. Fabulous post! Glad you are taking time to soak up the little things in life. And by the way, the photo of you and your daughter, and then the headshot at the end, GORGEOUS!

  4. those pictures with the camera on the table (esp the first one) i diiiieee. seriously, love them. i currently don’t have a camera (shame on me i know) but as soon as i do. . .oooh boy.

  5. Great post, lady! I’m really glad we got to meet up, and hope to do so again soon!!
    Hope your weeks continue to go as well as these 🙂

  6. aaaaand i *love* the new look. 🙂

  7. Love this.. I am so right there along with you.. working on me.. I always put others 1st.. Now I am being true to my-self.. and working on me. Like scrapping just my way.. Not trying to impress others. (i so wish to be a talented artist that ppl follow me.. ) But I am so over it.. I gotta get the joy for scrapping n creating that I used to have. Alot of soul searching.. Thanks for the wonderful post and quote.. I am going to share your blog thoughts on my blog!! You’ve inspired me more.. so TY.. I can’t say or express it enough.. Love the photos.. all of them.. just beautiful.. ❤ yas from the bottom of my beating heart.

  8. Love the pictures of you and your daughter. So glad you are finding some time to just be with your own thoughts:)

  9. So glad you had a good time in Austin! LOVE these photos. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful pic of your daughter! I am loving playing with dramatic lighting. I recently did an e-session in an old theater that was dark except for a spotlight on for security. Those ended up being some of my fave pics ever! Love how your blog is developing. You are so inspiring! =)

  11. cool pics as always, and I’m glad you’re taking toime to do what you want to do. So important!

  12. fantastic photos!! always love seeing your work!!

  13. Wonderful! I am so glad you blog, Kim. It is so inspiring.

  14. you’re so lucky to live near these beautiful crafty people! i’m so glad you’re on this journey, and sharing it with us. xxo

  15. Are you still shooting with a Canon? Do you have a 50mm lens? If you love low light shooting, and natural light, (as your probably already know! LOL!) 50mm (I can’t afford the f1.2, so the f1.4 has to do…)is the way to go, IMHO! I had the $100 f1.8 to start and THAT was still such and improvement over the lens I had previously and low light! I am a AV shooter all the way… 🙂
    Glad to see you blogging again!

  16. Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?

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