ready, set, CHANGE!

 my new favorite place…

Bussy's flea market…

we met this old guy who sells old furniture and books…*sigh* i love love love old books.

so i will be saving my money FOR sure to get some of his furniture…another window similar to THIS one i bought last year…and another old door that I have BIG plans for:)

I get that flea market shopping is like the "IN" thing right now…and everyone is doing it (gosh its high school all over)…but…BUT…it makes me happy to get pieces no one else has…so I love my new favorite place…plus…there aren't really any NEW ideas these days…just recycled ones right?

Other new faves…

*wearing my hair parted down the middle and totally "woodstockish"
(i've been wanting to have my hair like this for a while and now its long enough)…plus i've read in 3 magazines that heavy bangs are OUT this season…its time i let them go.Picture_384

*using my IKEA couch for photos…i think its so funky…again…using furniture in photos is not new…but its new to me:)

*getting 7 hrs of alone time with madi 5 days a week…so FUN!


*my new paper star from WORLD MARKET (my other new fave place)Picture_425

*my friend Myra who took these
photos of me just for fun

But I'll be sharing a lot soon…I have some big things coming up…well…big for me.

Happy Hump Day!


19 Comments to “ready, set, CHANGE!”

  1. I love flea markets too! It’s so fun finding vintage stuff and giving it a new home. Love the pics and can’t wait to hear about your upcoming projects! :0)

  2. great pics! and hair parted down the middle is totally fly!

  3. I have been dying to do the Heidi braids. But alas… my hair is still too short.

  4. Loooove that hair.
    and the star.
    how is it I’ve never been to World Market?

  5. Hey girl .. LOVE the new pics .. okay spill how you lookin so FLAWLESS in the tops pics…LOVE THEM

  6. oh I am so happy you look like you feel better!

  7. yes…your pics are magical.
    can’t wait to hear what is in the works!
    you look fabulous!!!! 🙂

  8. kimmie… i love you! love the photos! no bangs… wow! i did that for a while and realized that i needed bangs. i think. haha I go for my first ultrasound today! We get to see our baby!! i want to tell you all about it later! xo

  9. Sigh..MEN! That’s why God created GPS, among other things! You’re lookin good chicka! Love the decor stuff and can’t wait to hear your big news!

  10. you’re the cutest thing since sliced bread! 😛 loved those pictures and your hair and that awesome jean skirt!! wonderful.

  11. Not asking for direction is a guys thing, haha !!! That’s why we always end up being the one to do it.
    Beautiful pics.

  12. cute story! cute pics!
    love the braids. totally doing the same style too-just one braid though:)!
    🙂 happy hump day to you! 🙂

  13. glad to see you feeling better…i heart flea markets…as long as they aren’t in a scary/redneckish part of town….

  14. what you are coming here – when? why? where? I need to know so I can PLAN!
    call me today

  15. Loving the hippie hair. 🙂

  16. You look gorgeous. Hugs.

  17. You have such an inspiring/beautiful blog. So glad to see that you are feeling better!!
    And the braids are super cute, can’t wait for my hair to be longer!

  18. oooh busy’s flea market is so much fun! have you gone to artisan’s alley or el marcado downtown yet?

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