like father…

like daughter…

my dad is a carpenter…his dad was too…i have always had a love of the art of carpentry.

I have always loved working with wood…cutting it…painting it…so it seems almost natural that I would progress to scrapbooking on it.

I have not seen this done(but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done)…I have seen the woodgrain paper, but it didn't quite do it for me.

I am constantly bothered at how flimsy my pages are…I LOVE interior design and most of my scrapbooking is inspired by things I see in the interior design world. I love paint and fabric and texture…

You should have seen the guy at Home Depot when I asked him to cut 12×12 squares…lol

So I am beyond excited…I only have two photos because I am having trouble getting stuff from my other computer onto this one and this is the one with internet.

I think my dad would be proud…I have not been this inspired in a little while.

I get a lot of questions about scrapbooking…but I have only been scrapbooking really since January so I am learning…I feel I have really only begun. I am more the "student" than the "teacher" right now.

I have made like 10 pages on wood now and I plan on making a whole album…it will be in an album over there on the right soon!

Want some wood of your own? leave me a comment telling me what your new scrapbooking obsession is and Ill send you some.



46 Comments to “like father…”

  1. Love the layouts hun! And FYI…they sell pre-cut 12×12 craft plywood at Michaels. It’s in the wood section.

  2. OMG… totally fantastic. Love the way those turned out.
    My current obsession is hand-stitching & machine stitching. Nothing new or brilliant like your wood idea, but I’m easily amused… what can I say? 🙂

  3. U have no idea who I am, I’m a total lurker but had to mention these layouts are like ridiculous, they are so freakin awesome!

  4. holy cow! Those pages are amazing – can’t wait to see the album!! My current obsession is making little albums out of contact paper so fun!

  5. My current fav thing is to find cardboard (usually from cereal boxes) and make little hangy things….I LOVE to cover things with pretty paper or paint and make them beautiful or just cute. 🙂

  6. You are awesome-ness 🙂

  7. dude. i bought some of the precut stuff at michaels and haven’t used it yet. these are brill! gorgeousness with the AC lovin’. YAY!

  8. These LO’s rock!!!! My obsession lately is sewing either from my sewing machine or hand stitch….that is my much do thing right now!!! The other thing is using up everything I can!! Not throwing anything away!!
    So happy you are creating again!! Cute photos too!!

  9. Wow i can totally tell that the wood inspires you, those are amazing!! My current obsession is making flowers out of scallops and circle die cuts. I love adding buttons and yarn for the stems 🙂 I am new to scrappin so everything is really cool to me still!

  10. This is so cool! Love the idea of putting pics on wood. Awesome idea!

  11. those are so adorable!! great works!

  12. Got to say that I do love this!!

  13. Love how you did your layouts on wood, those are just great to hang on a wall or prop against the wall on a table or something. Great idea!!!!

  14. Ummm, I’m thinking that my obsession is going to be wood very soon!!!!

  15. Wow, you are such an inspiration!!! I’ve been lurking/stalking your blog/SIS profile for awhile now, and am so glad you’re feeling better. Or at least have come to a good point in your life to be able to pick up with the creative things you love again. 🙂
    Right now, I’ve been starting to get into the vintage thing, I know, totally not original, but it’s completely new to me, so I’m super excited! I just picked up a handful of favorite childhood stories from a used book store to use the pages on some upcoming layouts.
    Keep up the fabulous work Kim!
    PS. you’re right, wood IS a super cool medium to work with! My grandfather was a carpenter, I had precious handmade wooden toys and things when I was little.

  16. They turned out FABULOUS!!! WOW! Love em!
    PS You’ve been tagged! 🙂

  17. What a fantastic alternative to Canvas’s…which I’ve never really liked the look of..but these definately grab me.

  18. Those are gorgeous! My latest obsession is that crushed velvet stuff. I put it on everything, and it really got me back into stamping on my LO’s again.

  19. Awesome LOs! I would never have thought of using natural wood as a background.
    My current obsession is searching second hand stores for items that need a new home on my craft projects!
    I’m also loving giving vintage furniture a new lease of life for my home.
    Lisa x

  20. kimmie, these are awesome! Did you see that you asked for 12×12…. remember just months ago you couldn’t imagine urself doing anything but 8.5×11?! LOVE YOU OODLES!!!! miss you much… soon… k?

  21. Those look awesome Kim!
    Just wondering if you ever sent out the stuff from when you first started the blog? I was excited to get mail but never did. I know your life has been chaotic, but just thought I’d ask. 😉 Glad to see you making stuff again!

  22. this is such a great idea!

  23. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!! I love the wood! Great idea.

  24. love the work kim.

  25. Karin…i didn’t because i got sick…but i will be sending them soon.
    can you send me your address again:)

  26. would (ha wood!) totally love to win the wood!
    newest obsession- more journaling. more more more more more. writing on photos and in tiny letters all around.
    am still a student- very very timid student- but I think that this is amazing! What a faboulous pressie as well!
    think that YOU are amazing.
    WANT you to write a book.
    You inspire. You create. You motivate. You pretty much rock.
    You’re in my prayers- your family as well.

  27. I’ve done a few wood mini albums too! I loved them. And I’m planning to do more. My dad is a carpenter too— and I think that this subconsciously affects a lot of my decision making. 🙂

  28. Love this idea. You are amazing! 🙂

  29. It amazes me how fast you flew to the top of the cool list! But, this is why…
    I’m just currently obsessed with getting BACK to scrapping after a long absence…

  30. you are beyond brilliant!
    LOVE THESE!!! how great is that?!
    my newest obsession is buying tablets from TArget or the dollar spot at Michaels and making them into our little scrapbook journals of true family moments, the photos that wouldnt’ normally get scrapped! i think i have made about 6 of them now at least! they are so fun and free-ing to me… is one so you can see:

  31. hi sweetums!
    just stopping by to say “hi”
    i’m so happy you’re scrapping again!

  32. Love em Kim!! Do you think Home Depot will cut ATC size? Ha! No but I’m serious!

  33. Fantastic pages — I love how colors just POP right off of your pages.

  34. it is wonderful to see you scrappin your heart out right now.
    so glad you are better!
    i think just the fact that i am scrappin right now and using my stuff is inspiring me!!!
    i hate it when i look @ my stuff and think that i wish i could get something going and can’t.
    so happy just to scrap with anything!
    are you planning on framing your wood creations or making an album out of them???
    keep it up sweet girl.

  35. these are outrageously rad… seriously. they make me want to pillage my dad’s scrap wood bin and make some mad scrappage! i’ve been obsessed with anything texture-related lately… and these panels would just push me over the edge!

  36. I can totally see how this would become an obsession. Very cool. My latest obsession has been mini books.

  37. you rock as always kimmie b!
    Love the wood,
    love your honesty,
    love you too! 🙂
    My obsession is anything and everything from my mailbox!

  38. Love your layouts done on wood. I would have never thought of that. Yay for thinking outside the box! My latest obsession honestly is weird–apples. Apple pictures, apple fabric, apple stickers. I love the smell of apples–if I could capture that on a page that would rock! 🙂

  39. Awesome work here! I’ve used the sheets of wood in my Sizzix to embellish pages but haven’t tried this yet. TFS!

  40. love the layouts kim! especially love that family photo!!!

  41. obviously my new obsession is your wood layouts!! Love the family one!! Home depot here I come!!

  42. obviously my new obsession is your wood layouts!! Love the family one!! Home depot here I come!!

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