Lots to love today…well tonight…

Finding the time to blog about all that's happened the last week has been a bit hectic. So I decided to throw it all in one.

From my trip to nashville… my first day. went to an estate sale…I went thinking I might find a few little house items to stuff in my suitcase…but no…I found…a closet FULL of clothes that were vintage and just my size. So as requested…I am showing a few of those outfits…This was my favorite I think…a dress that has the coolest pattern and this purple bead necklace…Skyler took these photos before church yesterday.


Vintage_dress_2 _mg_3149

I also got this vintage shirt and I wore it home. I had 3 people ask me if I was in the music industry on my flight from Nashville…to which I replied…"I wish, I'm a scrapbooker". Needless to say they did not ask for an autograph. I love the big bow…I also got this shirt in black with white polka-dots:)and the shades are from my friend Liz's SHADES OF SUMMER…but I decided to make mine fall.Shades_of_summer Headless_pic Also…Madi had her first "right of passage" I guess you could say…I was on the phone with Rhi Rhi and she came in the room and I thought "something looks off"…it was her bangs! THEY were off…she gave herself her first haircut…and it was quite good actually. So I took her with me to get her first haircut:) I actually love her little pixie bangs…she does too…she was so excited to get her haircut…she kept saying "thank you mommy!" Kim_madi_cooler_2 Kim_madi_hand_2 Madi_dumspster_2

So it was a fun week…and I could've posted earlier but I am realizing it is much healthier spending time with my children…and making things rather than worrying about blogging about them. So look for longer posts from now on:)

Also…there is a new prompt up at "The Art is Found" come play with us!

And lastly…I have ended my "leave of absense" with LUXE and they have tips and techiniques from a page I did back in June up on their blog…HERE.

I am looking forward to scrapbooking again with a fun attitude and with no rules.

Still working through my illness but with a better outlook now…new docs, new meds, new results:)

Right now I'm watching the HEROES premeire…so nerdy…but I'm diggin it. I have so much more to say…but maybe another time. Until then…

Happy Monday Ya'll


21 Comments to “flashback…”

  1. Love the clothes! You look positively fabulous!
    And “restaurant scrapbooking” has sparked my curiousity… πŸ™‚

  2. GIRL!
    SHUT UP!
    That dress is to D-I-E for!
    And it’s perfection on you.
    Could I borrow your cute bod and that dress for just one day?!!
    HELP! I am a fashionista trapped in a chubby girl’s body. LOL!
    You’re gorgeous.

  3. Yay for vintage finds! I loooove that blouse!!!
    And dude… I did the same thing when I was Madi’s age. I was trying to explain to my mom how I wanted my bangs. And she wasn’t getting it. So I went to the bathroom and cut “sideways bangs,” only what I did was take the scissors and make a stark angular cut across the front of my hair. She Fu-REAKED out! haha Sounds like you took it much better than my mom. πŸ™‚

  4. I know what you mean. It is so easy to be addicted to the internet. In general, in life too. Some things can easily become a priority over the things that actually matters the most. I don’t want Calum to remember his mom blogging about him. I don’t want him to remember me being at Church placing other people before him. I want him to remember the hide & seek playing parties we used to have. Those cuddling times. And plenty of other quality times. Kids are growing up way too fast. We might just well make the most of them!
    You’re pictures are beautiful. Your kids are gorgeous. So are you.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  5. Can I just say how cute you are?!?!?!? Love your vintage cloths!!! Madi is so cute!! Great photo of you two!!! Glad to hear your feeling good!!! Keep your head up!!
    Hugs, Cassandra

  6. girl you are so funny! love your photos as always! so fun, you will have to let me know where you went thrifting and antiqu-ing because I will be going to Nashville next week on vaca!

  7. that dress is just divine! i wish i could wear vintage 😦

  8. Your vintage finds are to die for!!

  9. alright i am a little jealous of your trunk filled with goodies. those pics are GORGEOUS! :):)
    Of you and the little one…
    Happy Tuesday, my dear. πŸ™‚

  10. could you be any cuter! πŸ™‚ I swear!
    Lovely outfits!

  11. omg – i just bought a pattern for a similiar 1963 dress!
    Also so glad you are UP and SCRAPIN!! *hugs*

  12. you have such great luck at sales! I’m always looking for great vintage clothes and stuff I can grab up!

  13. sweet shirt. definitely my fave.
    i just got a top that is cream with brown polkas too. we’re so in.
    this feels like one of those pointless comments i was talking about.

  14. Hey Kim! I’m so glad to hear that you are doing better and hangin’ in there. Madi is so cute with her bangs! Kids really know what they want, I guess. And I LOVE the clothes!! Good find!

  15. Im so glad your back into scrapping, i have to say you really inspire me!! I’m loving the outfits! Oh and our little girl is sooo cute!! Sounds like you had a fun week!!

  16. you look divine in that dress, it is like it was made for you. and your kiddo is an amazing photographer, just like you. that apple didn’t roll far from the tree! lol

  17. Hi Kim
    i’m so glad you had so much fun at JJ’s. i love that vintage dress on you.
    Madi is such a cutie…just like her moma.
    do tell us more about your restuarant scrapping.
    glad you’re feeling better girl.

  18. my goodness, you are so gorgeous.
    you put outfits together so beautifully!

  19. Omigoodness…lovely photos + vintage! πŸ™‚ And happy move this weekend, too! Your family is so gorgeous!

  20. OMG OMG OMG that dress is soooo amazing — i want it!!!!!!! I would rock it!!!!! This is the first time visiting your blog but I am loving all the goodies here —- I will be visiting again real soon. THANKS for sharing your creativity!!!!!!!

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