Bling out your blog

i'm so excited for my first class ever…a little bit nervous…but still excited! i've been waiting to update my design until i did it with my class. so look for a new blog next week.

About my class…
if you think you are someone who…
A) has the desire to start a blog but just have not made the leap?
B) someone who has a blog but just needs help with design and inspiration? or
C) maybe you just feel like your blog has gone a bit stale?… This class is for all of the above. i have always kept a journal and decided to make the transition into blogging two and a half years ago and am passionate about my own blog. i consider my blogging an expression of my daily thoughts and a documentation of my life experiences, as well as, a way to share my art…and maybe inspire.

i will give you step by step giudes to designing your blog layouts, prompts for entries, ways to market your blog and build up a readership… for blogger and typepad.

it starts Monday and you have to sign up by then. the banner below will take you to the sistv boutique where you can click online classes and buy i

see you there…
loves kb.

ps- don't have internet until the 16th so ill be in and out when i can get to a computer:) see you then!!!


11 Comments to “Bling out your blog”

  1. i love this idea for a class. i’m totally intrigued by how to get readers to my blog…
    too bad i can’t spend extra money right now. i’ll have to miss out on this one.
    hope your class goes well for you pretty girl!

  2. You know I would be the one who redid their whole blog this weekend LMAO .. before your class .. I am crazy .. oh well I am still signed up to take it .. so it is all good ..
    Glad to hear you are getting moved in .. and I might plug your butt..oh wait .. not tha plug..LOL.

  3. I am so excited about the class. I do have a new blog with squarespace, but I am really looking for some inspiration on what to blog about, and possibly see ways to promote it. Right now I think I have 3 readers! Ha Ha !
    Can’t wait till Monday!

  4. I just signed up for your class, and i am totally excited!! Your blog rocks by the way!!!! 🙂 Anyways can’t wait for your class!

  5. Are you doing another class anytime again? I found out about this one too late >:-|

  6. leah…you can still sign up i think!
    but ill find out if its going to be available soon!

  7. Hello Kim,
    I signed up for your online class last night. I’m from Malaysia.
    Currently I own a blog shop selling clothes, accessories and ect. Could you drop by my blog and tell me what I can improve on?? Am not too good at designing which is why I signed up for your class. Do give me comments.
    I want my blog shop to be catchy and pretty and of coz to sell the products as well.
    thank you,

  8. Sharon I can’t find a way to comment on your blog:(

  9. I missed the class start and am hoping it’s offered again! Any chance of that?

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