So today is my first time teaching an online class EVER.

I have to admit its fun and scary all at the same time.

I decided to change my blog right along with my class…

and this is me doing today's homework with my students!


This photo was taken Fall of '04…Madi Kay was a newborn and we lived in Salt Lake City at the time.

It still is my very favorite photo of Jade EVER. This day started our very first tradition.Each year go out and take photos as soon as the leaves change. This is great time for us. I love watching the kids play in the leaves. Right now:

I am enjoying…

Taking polaroids. Thrift store shopping.

My pumpkin spice candles…
Hearing the leaves crunch when I walk across lawns.
Seeing the colors of nature change so vividly.
The feeling of getting cozy.
The anticipation of seeing family members very soon!

We are in New Orleans all week. I'll be back with photos later!
If you are in the area…let me know. 


10 Comments to “Firsts…”

  1. Hey KB I’m in your class and i am loving your new blog along with your class. So far you are doing GREAT!! I can’t wait until tomorrow bc i have a blogger blog, but i found your info today helpful too!! Oh and i havent done my HW yet, because i have already blogged about autumn, but i am going to do it about my life! See ya tomorrow in class!

  2. Good luck on your first class! I love pumpkin spice candles too..mmmm….

  3. Damn Kim HOMEWORK .. but I love you anyway LOL .. girl Ima tell you what .. a bee-yotch bout to bling out her background .. umm yah .. teachers pet type shyt.
    Make sure you and Greta do it big ..

  4. i love that you are changing things up on your blog right along with us!
    pumpkin spice in da house!
    now i’m off to figure out this header thing.

  5. i hope the class is going well! i missed the boat on signing up 😦

  6. Beautiful post and what a sweet sweet pic!
    Lovin’ your class!!

  7. what a precious memory. that photo is spectacular. thank you for sharing your stories with us. its part of what makes your blog one of my favorites too read. πŸ˜€

  8. Thanks again for an awesome class!

  9. I really liked the info from the class and I’ll get around to putting it to good use eventually. Hopefully it will be sooner than later seeing as how I have this problem with “out of sight, out of mind”. I notice that you’ve changed yours up a little too. I likes it.

  10. Hi K, I missed your class on SIS and I am sooooo bummed!!!!!1 Will you be doing it again soon?? Love your design! Pippy

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