you've been schooled.

Me: Are you excited buddy?
Jade: yeah (with a shocked look on his face)…and a little nervous too.
Me: Nervous? don’t be nervous baby.
Jade: I just hopes everybody likes me.
Me: They will love you. Just like I do!
Jade: Yeah but you’re my moma.

What wasn’t said, was how nervous I was myself to let him go…
What if he is scared?
What if he gets picked on?
What if he’s behind the other kids?

Three days into kindergarten and we’ve learned a lot…mainly me doing the learning.

Jade LOVES school…his teacher says he is awesome (which I knew)…he has made a few friends…and everything has flowed in its natural way.

He is so serious…choosing lunch…choosing outfits…choosing to be a "big kid" and not cry we he’s dropped off.

These are from his first day…I can already see a maturity in his face (but my little baby is still there too).




The first day she said "Im sad without Jade here" (it was the
saddest thing)…but now we get to scrapbook (her pages are of her
stuffed animals)…take photos (mainly of her)…and just hang
out…and although her brother is super serious…she obviously takes
after her moma and is definitely not:)


18 Comments to “you've been schooled.”

  1. these photos of your babies are INCREDIBLE!! its so much fun to watch them grow.
    you’re a good mama!

  2. Awwww.
    The photos are fab!

  3. your kids are adorable!! Kindergarden whew scary!! I have a ways to go…my son is only 18mths…but i’m sure i will cry like a baby!

  4. soooooo cute!! oh those babes. must be so hard to watch your little one go off to school the first time – eeek!! i’m get weepy just thinking about it – i don’t think i’ll be as brave as you!! (-:

  5. Cute, Cute kiddos!! What fun to scrap with your daughter. We do that at our house, too!:)

  6. Thats so cute!! Your children are gorgeous!!!! Lucky mama:)

  7. Awwwwwwwww!!! They’re both SO BEAUTIFUL!! Just like their mama! Re: the school stuff…Don’t does get easier ya know…but I still always feel a twinge as I’m speeding out of the parking lot…lol!

  8. Seriously, your kids are just SO beautiful!! (but you already knew that) 🙂

  9. oh. this post has just brightend my day! oohhhh. your son is so so cute. he is going to be a heart-stealer when he is older, seriously!
    and your daughter is adorable!
    oh my days.
    cute as cute can be!
    hope you’re all well and wonderful,

  10. kimmie…. u know how much i adore your kiddos and the convo’s you have w/them… love the photos of Jaden…. and Madi of course…loves you! xo

  11. your children’s eyes are amazing! do you edit them separately form the rest of the photo?

  12. I am glad he is adjusting. Adorable pics. We miss you all. Jaden asked to play with Madi the other day. I didn’t even think he would remember her.

  13. jenny yes i do…i edit them completely separate…i love the eye sparkle action from “pink ink studios”

  14. Kim those are some beautiful photos of your kids. They are so grown up. I am sending my little one to preschool and I am going to miss him

  15. Left you some serious love on my blog. Go check it out!
    – Loves, Em

  16. wow…
    what beautiful babies.

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