rain rain go away…what…what

Today I woke up to…

a normal feeling body…(how AWESOME is that?
thunder on the horizon…literally…

happy kids…
happy family…truly.

Ironically, we welcomed a lovely rainy day.
Although it was cloudy and rainy…I felt like


It would seem I am on the mend…and I am sticking with that until I know different.

We splashed, we laughed, we watched movies.
The laundry is not done…
The kids room is a mess…

I hope the weather is wonderful where you are…rainy or bright🙂





23 Comments to “rain rain go away…what…what”

  1. I’m so happy you feel good! You can see it all over you in the photo!(Which, btw, aren’t those photos just priceless?!)
    Fabulous dress, too! 🙂

  2. I am soo happy that you are feeling better! I have been praying for you!! These pictures are breathtaking… they make me want to rejoice in life as i can see you are!! 🙂

  3. Yeah! It’s so great that you are feeling better, I’m truly happy for you! Do you mind sharing sometime what you are doing to help feel better?

  4. cute stuff!
    sooo glad you are feeling better!

  5. Glad that you are feeling a lot better!! Your girl’s smile is awesome! What a great thing to do…i wanna go jump in the rain!!

  6. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. The photos are so wonderful. The joy on your children’s faces is simply priceless.
    Have a groovy day!

  7. THIS MAKES ME SMILE FOR YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! Hope your Husband feels better!! Make me so happy that you are happy!!! Missed that great smile!!!
    Looks like fun!!!

  8. those pics are just fabulous. What a wonderful day!

  9. YAY!
    I love the raininess too.

  10. Your photos are amazing! And I’m so glad to hear you had a great day!

  11. Awww, you all look like you had so much fun! So glad that you’re feeling good. I pray that it will continue. I put a link to here on my latest blog post…I hope you don’t mind. You have been an inspiration recently!

  12. Oh Kim I am SOOOO happy to read this here today. Continuing to pray for more Sunshine for you. LOVE the pics.

  13. how fun! glad to see you smiling!

  14. Wassup girl ..looking all happy and stuff .. hee hee fabulous way to show that you are doing good .. or better .. I got your message I will call ya back .. we were out fishing yesterday and just out and about .. much love Sis

  15. I’m so glad you’re feeling better!!
    Great pictures!

  16. so good that you felt great today!
    i have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and i know how that it is not only the pain but the helplessness and moods are the worse. those great days are great!!!

  17. Looks like you had fun splashing in the rain! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  18. This is THE BEST news! YAYYYYYYYY! So glad to hear this and to see those beautiful smiling faces! ^5 Kim! XOXO L

  19. those pictures are gorgeous!!! so glad to see you feeling better. 🙂

  20. wow kimberly…what a pure barrel of amazing inspiration you are…love your i choose heaven layout ..again thanks for sharing your amaizng talent

  21. Glad you’re feeling better!! And had a good day!! There’s nothing like jumping in the rain!!

  22. so glad you are feeling better!
    gorgeous photos. 🙂

  23. i thought i posted, but i guess not. love that look on your face in the rain! and i love the little ones’ slickers. very cute! incidentally, i had never even heard the word ‘slicker’ about a rain coat until i read the ramona quimby book where she goes to kindergarten. i was like ‘what is a slicker?’ took me forever to figure it out!
    also, in like 5th grade, my friend said she had to hand out flyers (fliers?) for church and i was like ‘what is that?’ and she tried to explain it to me, but i just kept picturing a big stack of paper with paper plane-making dotted lines on them. then i was like ‘where would the words go?’ she just shook her head.
    anyway, glad to see you are feeling a little better. one day at a time!

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