time after time…


Her name is Sharon and she loves Law & Order and garage sales.
She says things like "ya know" "well I didn’t know" and "oh uh huh" wayyy to much:)
She is a free spirited, southern girl, who should have been a California girl.
She could have been a model. She could have been a singer…She could have been a writer…but she was a mother.
A kind, gentle, three job working mother.
She doesn’t like gossip. She loves new lotions, new furniture, and new magazines.
She buys wayyy to many pairs of flip-flops.
She is timeless.
She has the most beautiful smile.
She has the most beautiful soul.
She has the most beautiful grandchildren.
She won’t push you…but if you push her…she will push back.
She dreams of owning her own home someday. Like country living, pottery barn dreams.
She has the attention span of a child, but also the spirit.
She has overcome poverty, hardship, cancer, injustice and cruelty with grace.
She is fun loving, unconditionally loving, true loving.
She never gives up…never gives in…never gives less than 100% of herself.
Her name is Sharon…She likes Law & order and garage sales.
I call her my moma, my best friend, my hero.

I made this a while back…but had to wait until today…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY moma! Its in the mail!!!

The pages read:

I think of U:
everytime I look in the mirror. I love that I look like you.
Everyday I find myself being more and more like you…and
that makes me smile.

I think of spring mornings out on the porch when the sun came up early
and the sunlight sparkled through the trees…
Just you, me and our cups of coffee…looking at Country Living magazines.
i still have the image of you sitting in a metal chair, with one leg up like
you were still 16.
not a lot were said on those mornings, but they speak volumes to me now.

"well I didn’t know" (you say that all the time)

When I hear:
Creedance Clearwater Revival
80s music
"I just called to say I love you"
The Carpenters
Elton John
Fleetwood Mac
I think of you.

When I pass the clearance isle in Walmart…when I buy another pair of flipflops.

I think of you laughing at yourself…which makes everyone laugh…at you and with you.
When I rearrange my furniture…again.

When I see decorating magazine piled in my living room.

When I get the punch line of a joke wayyy late…when I paint…when i hear the words "strong woman"

I think of you sleeping in my bunkbed all night when I was five and sick and scared…and you stayed right beside me…all night. 1986.

I think of a person who sees the world in 80s rose colored glasses.


22 Comments to “time after time…”

  1. This is so sweet. πŸ™‚
    Love that mini and all the lovely things you have to say about your mother.

  2. happy mummy kimmie day πŸ™‚
    love ❀

  3. wow, u made me cry a little.
    this is beautiful.
    happy bday to your mom.

  4. Happy B-day Kimmie’s Momma!
    So pretty is your layout!
    *hugs to you* Hang in their woman!

  5. Happy Bday Mama..
    Love your daughter from another mother LOL

  6. Sweet and realy beatifull. Mika

  7. I loved this mini when I saw it a little while back, and I love it just as much now! More, in fact! And I think your Mum will too. Happy Birthday Kim’s Mum!

  8. Hello I ran across your blog from Becky Novaceks blog.. WOW I’m impressed.. Your snopes of your mother brought tears to my eyes.. (I lost my mother this past January to death). You sound like you have a wonderful mother.. Cherish her forever… joan in Nebraska

  9. This is so sweet. Thanks for sharing !

  10. Love it!!! you are sooo talented

  11. Lovely post…and I did your tutorial today πŸ™‚

  12. That album is amazing. I’m so glad that you have each other. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  13. you are gonna make your sweet moma cry!
    i know mine would.
    this is so special. tfs.

  14. you are so inspiring.

  15. Absolutely wonderful, you made me cry at work! πŸ™‚ Mothers are the most precious thing on this earth….I can only hope my daughter feels the same way about me that I do about my momma! You are awesome…… πŸ˜€

  16. gorgeous kim!! she is going to cry!! that is for sure!!

  17. WOW, this is awesome…I so
    feel the same way about my Mom!
    You guys look incredible in that pic and you
    will definitely be a stunnah when you are your mom’s age..she’s a hottie! πŸ˜€

  18. Wow Kim,you made me crying!Which doesn’t happen very often online!This is beautiful,overwhelming and pure from the heart,and i couldn’t love it more!
    Thanks for sharing this precious,precious gift and text.

  19. what a sweet tribute! she sounds like an amazing woman!

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