Me a tutor?

well not really…but my first tutorial is up at Scrapinstyle today.

it’s on how to make your own paper…not like by hand…but by design.

I made this paper on this layout using the ideas here. I was glad I had completed it before I got ill…I hope its useful:)

As for my health…Im still hanging in there…got a sinus infection on top of everything and now I am on antibiotics.

Yesterday was a hard day…Im hoping today will be better:)



13 Comments to “Me a tutor?”

  1. Sweet girl!!! I’m always thinking about you!! Love your tutorial!! Great idea!! Hope you like your gifts!

  2. I am glad today is a better day for you…any day I am able to wake up, hug, and love all my children, I cherish. I have another day to make a change…keeping you in my prayers.

  3. OH you are very blessed to have such a sweet little girl, Kim!

  4. Keep hanging on, Kim!! I am loving this layout!!

  5. Hey homie .. wassup girl .. so umm yah is this what we talked about .. cuz if so this is FIYAH .. and I won’t bite .. at first LOLOL ..
    Aight boo bear .. wouldnt it be awesome to .. oh never mind, I will tell you mouth to ear LOLOL ..
    Aight girl .. I’ll holla .. get some rest ..

  6. sweets hang in there!!! hugs!!

  7. always thinking of you.
    praying for you
    and being very hopeful for you!
    much love

  8. Its gorgeous!Your girl is so so so beautiful!Hope you feel better soon,xoxo

  9. I’m sending all my positive thinking to you so you get better soon.
    Your girl is so pretty. Love the tutorial, again, you inspire me.

  10. that layout is amazing Kim! as is the photo. you do such beautiful work. been praying for you sweetie. hang in there! all will be ok.
    much love and peace,

  11. Beautiful layout and beautiful child! Stunning photo. TFS about your mom, very touching. hope you are well.

  12. WOW Girl! That was soooo beautiful.
    You’ve made me cry now. God, i miss my mom. I wan’t to give her a book like that too… but she’s in heaven now. Maybe I’ll make her one anyway. Thank U for sharing! Love Jenny…with the mascaralines *s*

  13. My comment was sopose to be under the other post *s*

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