Diary of a sick girl: 3

So the roller coaster continues…but the ride is getting easier.


I had two tests from the cardiologists already…one was negative (yay)…one has not come back yet. two down four more to go. And 2 more Drs who specialize in different things (so confusing).


Thus the change to my blog (which I made with flair)…its the least physical demanding thing to do and I could not sleep last night. My dreams are nightmares these days…but I know they will change soon. I just know.


I have so many cards and packages and gifts and calls daily (the fedex guy knows me by name now)
…its overwhelming in the BEST way.I am loved and I feel it. So thank you.



28 Comments to “Diary of a sick girl: 3”

  1. Love the new look of the blog. The buttons are very fabulous!! Hope the tests give you some answers.

  2. Love the new blog..I have some new ideas for mines, but I just do not have time to put it in action .. glad you are able to get up and about .. prayed for you today while I was in church .. talk to you soon

  3. Love the new blog too !!! Hope you’ll get better soon.

  4. I hope that you get some answers soon!

  5. i was just thinking of you dear.
    hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. You will be better soon!!! I just have so much hope that your going to get better!!! Hugs and thinking about you all the time!! Great new look for the blog!!
    Love, Cassandra

  7. love the new flaired out look!
    so glad you are at least feeling a little better….and that some prayers were answered with negative tests! YAY!!!!
    Good news is grand!
    keep the faith…

  8. all my love, miss kim.
    sending you nothing but good wishes.
    the blog looks amazing.

  9. Glad to hear you sound so happy. Love the new look, too. I keep praying for you.
    Leslie from scrapwords

  10. Wishing you warms thoughts and hugs! Get better!

  11. I am happy to hear that the Doctors are working to get to the bottom of what is going on with you. I love how you are clinging to your positive attitude during this time! Yes, you are blessed and loved! :0)

  12. hope you have some easier days ahead and I look up to you and how you’re staying strong through all of this… you can do it, girl!

  13. kimmie… my love… i love the flair… and i miss u. praying for you daily… love u

  14. i pray you continue to get (-) and get stronger with each result and hope they give you a good prognosis. love the new look on the blog too!

  15. Kim, I can understand your anger. But a good thing to remember is that the people who are happy and healthy, may not always be happy and healthy at that particular moment in time when you see them. Some of those people may have been through a terrible time and are able to smile again, if only for a moment or two. Everyone has issues sweetie, and I know you know that. The anger will just bog you down though. I know you’re going through something awful, but I do hope you’ll let go of the anger.
    I hope this isn’t too brutally honest for you to deal with right now. And I hope your tests keep coming back with good results, and that you feel better soon!
    All my love,

  16. Thinking of you always friend!!! I called and left a message but I am not sure it is the right number?!?!?! I might still have your old number. The Answering Machine is a pre-recorded voice so I have no idea if I have the right number!!!! Ahhhh.. Email me the new number just incase 🙂

  17. Love the new blog!! I am hoping things start looking up for you soon. I know this is a rough patch, just try to remember you WILL get through it. Sending hugs your way…..
    p.s. i added you back. :):)

  18. Hi there
    I’ve been sick with a virus of some kind for almost a week now, (feeling much better though) so I haven’t been on to check out your blog. I love the new look.
    I know that tests are not fun at all, but hopefully they will give you some answers that you need right now. So glad for the negative test results.
    I’ll continue to pray. Remember to feed your faith. Stay strong.
    love and miss you

  19. Youre right,youre time will come!I know so too,dont give up! ❤

  20. love the new look of the blog and i miss your happy posts. i hope all is getting better for you and ever though i do not know you i will keep you in my prayers!

  21. Kimmie- sending some love your way for a better today. praying for you and wishing you happiness and health…and peace.
    btw…have you asked for a blessing?

  22. Oooh..my thoughts are with you, girl! Hang in there! Hopefully you’ll feel better super-soon! =)

  23. Wow, it sounds like you’re going through a lot right now. I hope you get it all figured out. I noticed the comment you left on Mandi’s blog andI just wanted to say thanks for thinking the colabo idea is a cool one. When you’re feeling better I’d love to have you play. Mandi’s a little busy right now what with getting on the DT so I’m still looking for a starter. If you know of anyone…Thanks from one LDS mom to another!

  24. Hi there cutie
    I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you. I hope you are feeling better.
    big hugs

  25. I found your blog through another persons blog through another persons blog… one of those journeys.
    I wanted to say that I loved it from the start. I was moved to tears. I am a regular YOU fan now.
    Praying for you and your loves.
    Here’s hoping that its sun-shinny where you are and you feel some peace today.
    A new fan-

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