Time flies when you're having fun…

I have had a lot of time to think over this last month…and I have come to really see what's most important in life….my kids. I think this sickness has created a time for me to make some changes…within myself and within my family…I feel soooo guilty that with everything going on with me I haven't been able to really be "present" with the kids birthdays…Madi turned 4 today and Jade turned 5 last week. 

I'll also take this opportunity to answer a question I have gotten a few times in the past…
"Do you think you would get more done if you didn't have kids?"
"Do you think you would be more creative without kids?"
My answer is No. period. When I had kids, I experienced a level of creativeness that comes when you are able to see things through the eyes of a child…when you are able to love more deeply than you could imagine otherwise…when you are able to see God's creation wake up every morning and tell you stories about Unicorns and Dinosaurs with rainbows and jungles and crocodiles.
When life is all about cartoons and popsicles and learning to read. Of course they are time consuming…but the reward is so worth it…truly.

Ps. i went to the cardiologist today and I have 5 tests this week and next…so i will be absent once again:)

Pss. My webisode is up at SIS…Amy Tan is teaching me…and I am actually quiet for once:)


15 Comments to “Time flies when you're having fun…”

  1. beautiful, kim! your kids are gorgeous, but you know that already 😉
    my wish for you is that you get better soon so you can enjoy those little gifts.
    get better, sweetie.
    my prayers are with you.

  2. Your children are so beautiful!!! Hugs

  3. Your kids are so adorable. Your son looks a lot like you, lol. I hope you get better soon. Things are going to be ok. You’ll see. There is a God and He’s there to listen to our prayers and you are on many of our prayers!He makes the impossible possible! God bless you.

  4. Your kids are just so freakin beautiful!! Their little eyes shine so brightly!

  5. I stumbled upon your blog… you know how that goes. I am an ICU nurse in Nurse Practitioner School, so natural curiosity is killing me about your condition and feel so drawn to how sad you look in your video. I am inspired by your creativity, courage and faith. I hope all goes well with you and your family. Let the laundry lay, and take care of you. 🙂 Kelly

  6. your children are truly more gorgeous than words can express. thank you for sharing a piece of you.

  7. Hey checkin in on ya..called ya. Nice vid very touching beautiful family

  8. hey, sweetie..
    i haven’t been here in a bit
    and am sad to see you
    not feeling well…
    i know how scary it all can be,
    especially with 2 l’il ones…
    i do want to tell you
    {and this may be sooooo not related}
    but i recently had a
    heart scare…
    and they think it was pre-menopause…
    i’m only 37…
    may be totally unrelated…
    but i just thought i would put it out there
    just in case…
    hang in there…
    and let the laundry go…
    do whatcha gotta do for you.

  9. SO true Kim. Beautifully spoken.((((HUGS))) and I’ll be thinking of you.

  10. thinking of you Kim, you are in my prayers and thoughts. Beautiful slide show
    huge hugs
    anna x

  11. The Rascal Flatts song was perfect. Loved the photos, your children are so gorgeous, especially their big blue eyes, like their mama’s. Have been thinking about you..hope things are okay and the tests go well!!

  12. that is beautiful Kim. and wow..so true.

  13. I think you are a beautiful and inspiring person. So creative too! You have a beautiful family and I hope that whatever your condition is, it will resolve itself and allow you to continue creating beauty. Good luck with all you are going through.

  14. I completely agree, kids add so much to your life. I wouldn’t be who I am without my little ones… Beautiful slideshow, and best of luck with all of your tests!

  15. Girl I love this!!!!Amazing video and sooo cute, I need to figure out how to do one so I can make me and Wills wedding video! Hope all is well.

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