Something old…something new…

Im still hanging in there…only two days until I see the cardiologist…lets hope he can figure it out:)

but for those of you who are still making things (i envy you)…

A new prompt is up at The Art is Found…

I made this page before my sickness and it makes me happy to be able tImagineo share it…
I loved this print of John Lennon, who I believe is one of the best writers EVER.

And the prompt was to use a photo for the title…so the Beautiful is a photo from Chicago.

Im glad I did this page…it really helped me today.

Every day I gain a little more hope:)

Thanks to everyone who is part of that "little more"

Love you. Love me.


16 Comments to “Something old…something new…”

  1. Hugs, girlfriend. Hugs & love.

  2. so good to see a
    KimmieB creation! šŸ˜€
    makes me smile.

  3. Oh my I LOVE YOUR PAGE!!!
    and WOW again!!
    Hugs, thinking of you daily and praying for answers and solutions šŸ™‚

  4. I just blogged about you woman… *hugs*

  5. oh, beautiful work on this layout !!

  6. LOVE your creativity…;its beautiful! thanks to you kim for helping me with my own creativity. you INSPIRE.

  7. It’s SO beautiful.
    Get better. šŸ˜€

  8. you’ve been in my thoughts alot the last couple of days! seeing you at sisiversary, i noticed how you live out loud( this is a great thing!!). i am praying that you get back to that place!!!

  9. So glad to see something is making you happy!!! Stay strong sweetheart!! They are going to figure out what is wrong!! Hugs and Love, Cassandra

  10. I love this, it’s wonderful! I hope that your cardiologist figures it out too! Miss you and am praying for you!

  11. Love your LO, so much inspiration. My toughts are with you and I wish you will get better soon.

  12. your work is just so so pretty:)
    you’re in my prayers:)

  13. This is just awesome, Kim!! Still praying for you!!
    Leslie Ackman

  14. fabulous page … good luck with the doc baby sis..
    Call me w/news K.

  15. Just catching up, didn’t expect to run into all of this, I hope everything is ok. Luv ya Kim – Will pray for answers & wellness.

  16. Love the colors in the layout šŸ™‚ I hope you get some answers and that all will be well!

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