I love challenges…truly. They give my mind a starting point…

The new prompt is up at TAIF and I was able to do some reflecting with this challenge…

I took a walk…took a photo…and read my journal…I found an entry talking about how far I feel I have come since the days I spent with post partum depression. It was a horrible time for me…I had it with both kids…most days I felt like I was in a cloud…most days I felt so alone. I didn’t recognize myself.

I don’t feel that way anymore…I feel like I can see myself better than ever. So I am thankful for challenges…scrapbooking and life related…How bout you?



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  1. Kim-
    I LOVE your LO. I think that this is a great prompt, and I can’t wait to figure out what I’ll do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. so excited for this prompt. i adore the lo you did and the quote from your journal.

  3. perfection
    say it so beautifully
    and in visual form
    love it

  4. Beautiful. Yes, challenges are so very good.

  5. amazing kimmie. i love this… so perfect. like yous… challenges are the…perfect. xo besties

  6. The wonders of being creative, it brings out alot and helps us deal. This is amazing, love it.

  7. The photo is beautiful! Love it. Thanks for the inspiration … I need to jump in on TAIF. This is amazing.

  8. I too am inspired by your words of wisdom, it’s refreshing…and even though you went through that—I know from personal experience—it is something we would not have known. The things we feel when our hearts grow for another child…I had it with my two boys and when I was pregnant with the twins I thought for sure I was going to get it DOUBLE!~ thing is, I didn’t. I guess I was too busy with them…but somemone somewhere knew that I was going to be able to handle it all. I do. I don’t know how I do it somedays…but, that’s the beautiful thing about it.
    I will try this new challenge on TAIF as I LOVE it so far. But it will be my first…yikes!

  9. man oh man I love this.
    I’ve gone through some dark days…
    and creating seems to make it so much better-
    when I can put it down into words, and get through it so much better.
    Yep. Challenges make us grow creatively and spiritually too.

  10. i love this prompt….
    i will walk today for sure… :):)

  11. i love this! i can so relate,was down last week, but out of it know 🙂

  12. yeahhhhhhh beautiful!!!

  13. Okay so you know I LOVE THIS RIGHT, being as though I passed the hell out when I saw it the first time. I MISS YOU TOO boo..Ima call you tonight or tomorrow night .. I am feeling pretty good. LOVE THAT KOOL-AID..is that Cherry or Skraw-berry LMAO..
    Okay Okay .. Ima leave room for others to stalk you .. holla back youngin…

  14. all i can say is WOW. you are soo brave for having had a second child after having to deal with the ppd for the first child. i can not imagine how the end of the second pregnency must have been for you. that must of been super hard and your just way too cute to have to go through all that!

  15. Me again………………..love the revamp of the blog!!!! The colors and the splatters= fabulous.

  16. Hey
    Love this scrapbook page. Just updating my blog this morning so I thought I would stop and visit yours. Lisa did ask me where your flickr link was.

  17. beautiful photo, and i love how you went through your journals and used it on the page! I love challenges like that too, they really make you think. I went through post partum depressing with my son too, i know how you feel! 😦

  18. I’ve never suffered from depression, but I frequently suffer from impatience and pissyness. In those times, I’m grateful for nights out with friends, soft kisses from my babies, and good blog friends like you!

  19. what an amazing picture…
    love your words…

  20. I love this LO and your words… solid. heartfelt. and beautiful. LOVE IT!

  21. I like this. Thanks for sharing.

  22. i left you something on my blog… 😉

  23. when did the lo change?!
    i miss you ❤

  24. I appreciate your humlity during this vulnerable time in your life. Keep praying!!

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