lingering memories of sisiversary '08

*walking up to Amber and Rhi at the airport with butterflies in my stomach
*walking into JJ’s seeing Stacey’s surprise face
*almost missing my exits like 5 no 10 times…and scaring everyone in the car i.e. heather, angie, stacey
*feeling at home the MOMENT i saw ashley wren
*laughing at Ashley Wren
*lying in the grass with Rhi and Debee allowing time to stand still
*Joanne not believing I was a mother
*laughing at Ashley Wren
*Cathy saying "hi im Cathy and I am shy" giggles
*Waiting in anticipation to meet all the SISters….i think i was more nervous than they were.
*Being called "Amber" twice by people who thought i was her.
*"Shut yo mouf" via Sarah Bowen
*"creating" with Amy Tan

*spending Sunday shopping with wonderful girlies and photos with Rhi Amber and Tinalynn
*Love Shack, Baby got Back, and Girls just wanna have fun
*Chatting about photography with Courtney
*The guy at the mall thinking Joshie and I were married and charging Josh for my meal.
*Elly telling me I need to change it up a bit…if the shoe fits right?
*JJ and kaylas laughs
*Nikki’s heartfelt talk

*And a million hugs with women who shared so much of themselves in a short amount of time.

and being in a room with CRAZY talented ladies for two days!

Things heard around the event:

"WHAT?" by rhi
"Shut yo mouf…i love you" by Sarah Bowen
"Cuz im gone do wat it do BOO" by sasha or me trying to be sasha
"ew tricky" me
"Inappropriate" by Martha

"You’re so pretty" by Heather
"Right turn, no left, no right" by Stacey
"giggles" from Amber


"paper and glue baby"
"dude, I KNOW"
"ear muffs KIMMIE"

and A LOT of other things that can not be repeated by "Ashley Wren"

and if that’s not enough…

Here are a few photos of my memories! The song is for YOU sasha!

Download sisiversaryb_08.wmv

Photo credits: Sassysasha Amber Ulmer Sarah Christiansen(sp) and me


22 Comments to “lingering memories of sisiversary '08”

  1. Kimmie… baby… that is just AWESOME. I just almost cried… who I am kidding… I am crying. I miss you girls!!! xo

  2. That is so fun and cute!! šŸ™‚

  3. haha I STILL don’t believe you’re a mom! šŸ™‚ You’re too flippin fun and gorgeous.
    Loved the video/slide show thingy

  4. you have no idea…
    how badly i needed to see this.
    it was perfect.
    and gave me the best feeling ever.
    love you so much.

  5. Aw! That sounds like so much fun! How exciting for all you girls!

  6. haha .. girl wassup … tell me why I knew that song was coming on LOLOL .. love the video .. man made me tear up a bit, wth, haha..I am suppose to be tough .. I miss your butt already boo bear .. thanks for the shout out .. I still need to post my pics huh you girl ..

  7. oh so lovely!!!!
    love all the memories…and of course the photos.. btw where was i when all those lovely photos were taken? next time!
    xoxo cathy

  8. it’s true. you ARE so pretty. i mean that in the nice way right now, too. šŸ˜€ i’m sorry i missed out on all the fancy photoshootin’.

  9. woooahhhh Kimmie….I miss you and still think you are so pretty and cannot imagine you are a mama!!!!!….lucky kids!!!! xxxxxx

  10. You put everything into perspcetive and for that I love you lots…see you soon šŸ™‚

  11. AWWWWW- this is so so sweet. LOVE it!

  12. So fun!! How I wish I was there!! There’s always next year!! The photos are amazing!!

  13. The fun is jumping of my laptop screen while I watch this! You must have had the best time ever! šŸ™‚

  14. i love all the pics! and loved reading your memories from the trip, even though i dont get all of them, haha.

  15. Omigoodness….looks like it was too, too much fun!! =) Well, I mean..nothing is too fun…Anyway, I’m supa jealous alone here in Canada…lol. =) Love all the sayings!!

  16. that looked like a ton of fun. how did you get your hair to poof when you were a headband???

  17. lol – I know i know! I owe you big pictures!
    I will upload tonight.
    I love that my chunky monkey arm made it lol.
    Awesome pics kimmie!

  18. Great post! Makes me sad that I missed SISiversary! Sounds like you gals had an amazing time!

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