In my daughter's eyes…

...I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be…

This post is dedicated to my Madi-Kay…this last year has provided some wonderful moments…helping me to forgive myself for not giving my all to her during my sickness after she was born.




Tuesday night we were at dinner an the kids got these question cards in their kids meals…
we each took turns reading and answering the cards…Jaden was so into it….so serious…Madi, not so much….

I will now share the conversation…

Skyler: Okay Madi your turn, "True or False…rabbits cages need to be changed…"
Madi: (over skyler)…..TRUE
Skyler: wait for the entire question Madi

Madi: "FALSE" (eyes wandering)
Skyler: okay ready

Madi: Yep
Skyler: "rabbits cages need to be changed every…."
Madi: TRUE (giggles)
Skyler: "oh geez, you are so ADD like your mom!"

Madi: laughing
Kim: laughing
Jaden: "okay madi, listen to the whole question"
Skyler: "rabbits….

Kim and Madi: (laughing at each other)
Skyler: (shocked face) laughing

Kim and Madi: (laughing forever it seemed)
Jaden: (annoyed because he is the genius kid who NEEDS to know the answer already)
Madi: (singing her own made up song at this point)
Skyler: "i hope you know she gets that from you!"

Kim: (in a moment of realization with a bit of pride) "i do now."
Jaden: "Can we PLEASE answer the question already!"


I was cleaning the kids room and found all of these "household" items under madi’s bed in the corner all neatly stacked. I thought it was the weirdest thing ever! Magazines, spoons, pencils, screws, RANDOM stuff. but all neat.

and then i remembered…

my moma telling me that when i was little i used to hide things and i hid her wedding ring….
my dad gave me another ring and said "go put this one where you put the other one" and i took the ring and placed it under their bed on the railing… and there sat the other rings and a few other items…all lined up neatly.

It’s a fun moment to realize that your daughter really is YOUR daughter…
I have often worried if my bond with her was damaged when i was sick….if somehow the time I lost would matter….Now I know it doesn’t. Because NOW, in this moment….she is mine. She is me….In her, I see myself. And I am blessed.

this layout was made by Divian…my first photo swap ever! THANKS Divv! Its beautiful!

Happy Friday!


27 Comments to “In my daughter's eyes…”

  1. Kim, your posts are so from your heart.
    Beautifully written:)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. This post is so sweet. I can’t wait to have a little girl someday!

  3. This convo CRACKS me up. Im sitting here talking to you on gmail chat and just dying laughing at this post and you don’t even know it! haha. I can not wait to meet your kids… Soon maybe!? Ok… and I love that Madi is like you… so precious… so beautiful. and so is the bond w/her. ❀

  4. Poor child she is just like her mama .. LOL .. girl this is a crack up … good talking to you girl .. you always make me LAUGH so hard .. haha .. and I am not a phone person, so you know you special .. 6 days boo boo … 6 days ..

  5. love your post!! i find that my children have picked up my mannerisms and reactions. It is so funny and wierd at the same time πŸ™‚ Makes me think before I react to things though. Children are the greatest joy! I see myself in them all of the time, they love to talk just like me, lol.

  6. oh kim.
    your daughter is just beautiful.
    and that first photo. holy heck. perfection.
    and if your daughter is like you, she is a lucky girl πŸ™‚

  7. So sweet! Love the pictures and the lo!
    YES 5 more days! And we are up for breakfast! WOOTTT SO EXCITED… I have to get to doing my atcs! ACK! HUGGGGGS

  8. oh, what a wonderful picture and tribute.

  9. Ha! That is too great!

  10. that is so sweet. Being a person that has MS and Lupus I often worry about this same thing. What I do find is when we are together though… It is like no other. We pick right up where we left off. Im still her mom no matter what. She is still My bug No matter what!

  11. Love that first picture of you with your daughter and the layout. Very pretty!

  12. Kim, Love the photo of you and Madi…it’s gorgeous…and I love what you’re wearing!

  13. haha, too funny! madi kay is soo cute, i love the photo of you two!

  14. i think this is so beautiful.
    and also so scary.
    that we have the power and potential to create lives that are to the core, us.
    loving you!

  15. the picture of you and your daughter just took my breath away!

  16. (de-lurking here) I think you’re fabulous! That picture is gorgeous of you and your daughter. You’re creations are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing such beauty.
    (great music too.)

  17. Thanks for the digi congrads, girl!! =) You are so inspiring – such a way with words!!

  18. Thanks for the digi congrads, girl!! =)
    And omigosh, do you have a way with words! Sooo inspiring, you are. Happy day!

  19. Such a sweet story!! πŸ™‚ Having a little girl is the best πŸ™‚

  20. Finally got the sound thing working so I am back to commenting. Nice tribute. I have become so boring with comments since flickr.

  21. That post is so cute and beautiful all at the same time! Love you Kim!

  22. beautiful photo of you both Kim, and i love your conersation, made me giggle
    huge hugs xx

  23. That picture is awesome!! What a great post… isn’t it neat when you realize your kids are just like you!

  24. isn’t it so wonderful when those small but big connections are made!
    enjoy them and scrap them, or journal them so they will remember or know of them all.
    they are wonderful glimpses of your love for them.

  25. Great layout and stunning photo too. Hope you have a pleasant day.

  26. love the layout and love the photos. love your writing style also.

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