Look at what you want, not at where you are…
Just keep moving on
Anything you do
Let it come from you
Then it will be new.

-Sunday in the park with George

I have had so many things happen lately that tell me I am in that place in life where I am finally "moving on". I thought these lyrics were perfect for this time, they speak to what I am feeling, what I am believing right now, in this moment. I just have to keep moving on…whatever I do…moving on.
And in celebration of my "move" to my new happy place…

I moving on….

ignore the scary face at the end:)

And one person will be getting a canvas that I forgot to mention on the video…..Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I’m karinsen on SIS. My name is Karin. car-in.
    My moving on story…
    One of my best friends moved across the country to be with a girl he met on myspace. The whole chemistry of our group of friends changed, and close friends withdrew from me. I moved to a new apartment and got in a car accident, totaling my car. I got a new roommate and a new temp job, and then I met my now husband. That period of just a month of my life was the most it ever felt like so many new things were happening. I new it before they even happened. I new that change was ahead. I moved on from all the drama and pain and started a new life with my new boyfriend (now husband) and new friends. It felt like I was starting over, and it was a kind of relief. It took a while to adjust to it all, but in the end it was all for much more happiness. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Kimmie!!
    How are you girl?! Are you going to be joining us at CHA in Chicago? I hope so, so we can hang out.
    Ok so my move…I’ve gotten a new job in the past few months working at Michael’s. I’m not really doing it for the money, just for the chance to get out of the house, have adult interaction, and share my knowledge and joy of crafting with customers. I would normally choose a LSS but since there is NOTHING up here in craphole NY, I went with the next best thing.
    And my blog address is http://untaphi54.blogspot.com

  3. Hey Kimberly. I like your new blog. Fresh starts…my husband and I moved from Arizona to Washington a little over a year ago and it was really a good move for us. We love this little adventure. I am also trying to start fresh for Summer by organizing little things in our home, like our closet in our bedroom and our pantry. See pictures of the closet here: http://ashleyschultz.blogspot.com/2008/05/seriously.html
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. love the new blog. excited for you and your new beginnings.
    my best ever move on has to be moving on from the ex-fiancee. and crazy enough, it took him sending me the most douchebag email ever for me to realize that i am DONE with him. why let that poison continue to be in your life, ya know?
    here’s to moving on and growing. love you, kimberly πŸ™‚

  5. did my comment show up? im confused.

  6. Thanks for doing this!!
    I think that I am constantly changing and moving on from things but I have to say that lately I have been moving on and away from some of my friends. I have decided to only surround myself with people who are good to me, good to others, and basically know what the meaning of being a true friend is. This has been a long process because I have been friends with some of these people since middle school, but I know that it’s best. πŸ™‚

  7. Yay for new beginnings. I just got married in November after living alone for 3 years…so the past few months have been a BIG change for me. I’ve moved on from my single life to start a new, exciting one with my husband.
    Thanks for the RAK!

  8. Hey Kim!!
    It’s Christina (TinaLynn510 @ SIStv).
    Remember how I said I was too shy to post on your blog, well this is my first time! Yay! It’s about time, right? I stalk you all the time, because I think you are amazing!
    Alright, my story, is about my best friend. It has to deal with her moving though, not me. We grew up together and were pretty much inseperable, but last year she moved about an hour away with her boyfriend. Which leaves me here, with no one. All my friends from high school have finally moved out of our home town, and I am still stuck here. This was really really hard on me, because I am kind of a home body, and I love it here. But I have finally come to terms with it, and have decided that I need to move on, and not let the distance get me down. Our relationship has went from almost no contact, to talking almost everyday again. It was really hard in the beginning, but now I am happy to have my best friend back again!
    Alright, my story is ridiculously stupid, and sounds like a 10 year old, but oh well. lol
    I would love to own a Kim orginal, like crazy!!
    LOVE you girl!

  9. just want to say that I LOVE YOU… and that you should make me a canvas anyway b/c i was the first to comment on your original post… when no one knew about ur move… tehe… love you! πŸ˜‰

  10. Hi Kimberly…
    First of all, I am a huge fan of you. I love your work and love all your LO. I am at SIS so that’s where I found your work.
    Anyway… talking about moving… Well, last year I made the huggest change of my life. I am Brazilian, and I was living in Brazil on my own apartment, having my enginnering job , kind of “guaranteed”, had my parents close to me, my friends, brother, nice, nephew…well everybody that matters to me. So, what I did was… I met my husband here at USA in one of my business trip and we felt in love… and I got to a point that I had to made a decision…relationships doesn’t work good overseas you know… :). So, I left all that matters the most for me behind to me to be here with him and start my life all over again. I am trying to get my engineer job in the same company here in US again, but is being a really long process. All of this happened last October and here I am. Trying to start from the beggining, acccepting any kind of job to have money and not regreting at all. I had to try and hopefull everything it is going to be alright… That’s my history… Hope to meet you one day. Thank you

  11. Wow! GREAT subject! I feel since we are never promised tomorrow that I have to make things right as much as I can each day. I don’t do well with change so I try to do things each day that will make a large change at one time, something that will not happen! I am not sure if I said that really well but if I can avoid change, I DO! As I get older I find that I am not quite as willing to make choices that result in a lot of change, like trading jobs, I am settled and love what I am doing. I am sure I could find a job with more money but I don’t like what the ruffle of the move would make. OK before I confuse you more I will stop.
    Please put me in the drawing, I saw your little book a few weeks ago when someone posted it at SIS and I thought that was so creative! I would love one!

  12. hi kb!
    here is a link to my moving on page and story…
    check it out if you’d like!
    love your new blog!

  13. Love your new banner.
    My big change recently is that I had a hysterectomy. It took a long time for my husband and I to take that leap, but we finally did and it turned out better than I could have imagined. I am finally pain-free after eleven years and I have so much energy. It is a really exciting time in my life and I can’t wait to find out more about the healthy “me.”
    Thanks for the drawing!

  14. hey there!
    what a great way to start a new blog πŸ™‚ found you from SIS obviously—awesome little brag book!
    ok my story isnt so much specific. about a year and a half ago i decided to be a stay at home mom. i have 2 kids but 1 is in school so i thought i could SOOO handle it
    well i really enjoyed it for like 6 months then the bottom fell out and i totally was depressed. like way more depressed than i had even been in my life! i lost like 15 lbs cuz i couldnt even bring myself to eat or get out of my pjs. then i just decided one day that i needed to get past it and move on…got some counseling to figure out what my REAL prb was and decided to take care of myself for a change instead of just worrying about everyone else. bought me some new clothes colored my hair, and did what i wanted to do for a change. im a better person and a better mom bc of it too. now i make myself a priority along with everyone else πŸ™‚
    thanks for letting me vent my story!

  15. Kim, just wanted to say congrats on your move!!! Can’t wait to see what you have for us next!!!
    I don’t have any big moving story for you.
    Anyways congrats!!
    You can find me at
    Have a great day!!

  16. Kim, oh how I love thee… lol
    seriously, though.
    I do not want to project negativity onto your fancy new blogness…so, go to my blog to read my story about moving on…

  17. well I just made a post about it on the sistv messageboard πŸ˜‰ so you know I have been moving on today πŸ™‚
    added your blog to my bloglines πŸ™‚

  18. hey kim.
    wow check out all those awesome stories πŸ™‚
    loved the video, you are so adorable!
    hmm moving on story, well i moved interstate, left all my family, friends, pets etc, just to finally be happy, and in a place i love.
    closer to the things i love, and yeah its good!!
    anyway, your sweet to share your art around, fingers crossed i win because id be honored to have ur art here in australia πŸ˜€

  19. I aint gonna leave a long post, but I will say bout time you came on over to typepad..see you soon my hip hop diva..

  20. Well first off congrats on ur “Move”, and well heres my Moving on story:
    Ever since i was in HS i always felt like an outsider, even though i had great friends i always felt like i didnt fit in with them cuz of my weight. Even with all my good looking guy friends, i was just one of the guys to them and i hated that, until one day senior year, when one of my guy friends told me that he had liked me since the beginning of the year and well i didnt see him that way, but as time went on the whole feeling out of place started lifting off my shoulders, cuz i started realizing that i sisnt need to “fit” in with everybody, just with those who really love me, and 5 years later im here with that guy married for 3 year and together for 5 living in a whole other state, and well he felt out of place and well, he joined the Marines, and we both moved on together to our new life and we are LOVING IT!!! especially me since ive been loosing weight since HS and im soo happy!!!
    Well thats my lil story in a nutshell. i hope u enjoy it!!
    heres my bog where u can find me:
    Thanks again for this RAK hope u choo-choo chooose me!!

  21. Love your new blog!! Would love to own some of your awesome work!
    My movin’ on story is at 27 I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. I was told I would never have children. I was not as concerned that I had cancer, but with the fact I wouldn’t be a Mommy. Finally about 5 years later I decided I was movin’ on!! Exactly 6 years to the date of my hysterectomy, our adoption of a beautiful little girl was final!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  22. wow! love your blog! so nice!
    Okay so here is my moving story.
    My hubby and I moved across the country to TN! Talk about a major move. It was hard because we didn’t know anyone other than hubby’s folks. But it was a great experience. I have a very difficult time not being around my family but I know that this is where I need to be and where I should be. Most people, especially people who dont know me think that’s the end of the story. I try not to tell people the rest because it’s embarassing and people don’t understand. You see my mom has always been a drug addict and I needed to be away from her. As hard as it was it was what I needed to do. So when we moved it was for the best. I realized that I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be or the wife that I wanted to be if I stayed in CA. I no longer speak with my mom or really any of my family on that side of my family. My parents are divorced so I am really close with my father and that side of my family. Most people think I’m horrible for not talking to her but I cant, I just cant do it. So it’s been a very difficult move in my life. But I know it’s for the better.
    Okay wow that was pretty personal. Sorry- really not trying to be a Debbie Downer.
    P.S. Love your stuff. You rock! I can’t wait to see what great stuff you post on here.

  23. I think if we live in the past, we never move forward, or it makes the process slower. We just need to keep moving forward.
    Cute new blog! I’ll have to change your address in my side bar.

  24. Hi Kim! What a fun way to do a RAK. The mini album is ADORABLE. And you are too stinkin’ cute. πŸ™‚
    Here is my bloggy adddress:
    My moving on story…I think my most memorable move was the move towards motherhood. When I had my lil guy I left behind some things like personal time {grin} and some freedoms but its been such an amazing journey for me. I didn’t know I even wanted to be a Mom until a few years ago and now I cannot imagine not living this experience.
    Have a great day!
    Jennifer H.

  25. Hi Kim!
    well, the best moving on story i can think of happened 9 years ago. dh and i were living in new jersey living far away from family. we both had amazing jobs and were loving it there. pretty soon we found out we were pg with our first baby and the big decision was what now. do we stay here and raise our baby or move home to be near family. we chose to move on. we moved home at the last minute. i was 36 weeks pg traveling across country. we both hated to leave, but knew it was the right move for us. in hindsight it was soo the right decision.
    you are most likely to find me on SIS. but, i also have a blog.

  26. What scary face? I didn’t see a scary face! haha You are too cute girl.
    Okay… moving on!
    I’m moving this week! From my hubs and my first apartment together and into a hosue that my brother just bought. We shall see how it goes- but hopefully living with my brother again will be a good thing for my husband and myself. We’re hoping to save money and all that jazz.
    The deadline to be out of our apartment is Saturday- and hopefully we’ll be done by then!
    Hope you enjoy typepad! I love it.

  27. u are too cute!!
    i love that i moved last july from a 1100 square foot home to a 2500 square foot home… ahhhh the room i now have is amazing…and i don’t feel like my squaeling kiddos are on top of me…lol

  28. Hi
    Right now I am getting ready to move in to a townhouse that has been in the works for 2 years!! My Dad is helping build it and putting custom work into it and its a huge change to pick things out on my own and its so overwhelming. I will be glad when its all over.

  29. Ummm, ok hommie here’s my blog
    but its not update at the moment and I’m thinking about moving to typepad lol
    Well my “moving On” moments are to personal to share since I’m currently going through one now and 2 SIStas no about it so you’ll have to call if ya wanna now lmoa!! luv ya and Congrats of everythang. Luv ya Hood chick:)

  30. Congrats!!! This is awesome. Look forward to reading and seeing more!

  31. Sweet new blog!!
    My “moving on” was a year ago. We moved from Tampa, FL to Louisville, CO in a matter of six weeks. We had lived in Tampa for twelve years. It was hard to leave lots of friends and an easy life but in the long run it was a great move – great job opportunity for my husband and a great move for our kids. We are very outdoorsy folks so we love the trails and mountains and camping and biking opportunities just steps from our front door. CHANGE IS GOOD!!

  32. oh, wow! you have got to share why you moved to typepad with me…i have been contemplating the move as well!
    my story:
    recently i tried reaching out to a young lady who has a tumultuous family life. in the beginning we bonded and i felt like i was making a difference in her life. having 3 girls of my own, i felt that i could really be a friend, mentor, etc. then slowly without warning, she started to pull away from me. i shouldn’t have been surprised but it was her personality to “move on” when she felt like it. i really felt that it was God telling me to persevere and keep the communication open.but it got to the point where the relationship became hurtful to me and i had to move on. i vowed to pray for her, b/c i always can, but it was time for me to physically remove myself from her life. so hard–b/c i had really exposed myself to her in the whole process which left me feeling wounded. through it all, my relationship with God kept me strong and He was always there for me. as much as i wanted to be a part of this young lady’s life and as painful as it became to see her pushing away…i had to let go and move on. i still don’t really understand it all…but all things work out for the glory of God. maybe i planted a small seed somewhere along the way.
    i just have to say…thank you for this. i think this is the first time that i have put my thoughts down. it was good. now i have to scrap it!!! hee hee! πŸ˜‰

  33. Welcome home! Lovin’ what you’ve done with the place already.
    We actually just moved into a new house not two months ago just outside of SA. Moving is such an emotional process for me because of having to throw things away. I get emotionally attached to even the smallest things. So moving is hard on many levels. But, bigger and better things always come and we are loving it here.

  34. you’re so cute kimmy! Love your new blog, im gonna link it up to my blog. πŸ™‚
    let’s see… i have TWO moving on stories that I’d like to share with you.
    The first one is that I just moved to Oklahoma a couple weeks ago. I now get the chance to be a stay at home mom and concentrate more on my scrapbooking and photography. it’s like a dream come true for me!
    the second one is moving on and letting go of the grudge I held against my dad all my life. He was a big jerk and an alcoholic most of my life, treated his family like crap. Long story short, a surgeon permanantly handicapped him and we all knew it was a matter of time before he died from it. he started to shape up after that, became pretty much the dad i had always wanted. i was still working on getting over everything he had put me through as a child when he died. It took me over a year even after he died to let go of everything, but I have finally forgiven him for everything and it feels good. I miss him more than anything.
    ok, hope that made sense! haha. hope youre having a great week, talk to ya later!

  35. I’m Rachel…my blog is iamobsessedwithlife.blogspot.com
    I am actually at a moving on place in my life right now…I’m getting married, graduated from one college and starting a new college in the fall and moving soon. So many changes and so many new things to learn and be excited about!

  36. Saw this on flickr and had to stop in to check out the new blog. Looks all fresh and pretty!
    Moving on means bringing some lessons with me to the next chapter of life. Ours is starting in two weeks as we move from California to Missouri to start again in our own place. Its thrilling but I am a worrier.
    P.S. the room behind you looks lovely, too!

  37. Hey hey Kim!!
    Love the new blog! Looks great!
    I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for but I’m still struggling with acceptance and moving on from this:
    Love those little albums! Such a great idea. I’d be whipping one of those out all over the place to show off my kiddos! (and the album) hehe! We don’t even have a Target here in Fort Smith yet. Next year sometime one is finally opening!
    Love all your work SISter! So excited to meet you in Franklin! Thanks for the chance!

  38. Hey Kim~
    It’s always great to hear a fellow flickrette’s voice. Did you move to ur new home, meaning you sold your old house right? I’m happy I came to visit you. I’ll definitlely will be back.

  39. Hi Kim,
    The new blog looks fabulous! I’m glad I found it. I just wanted you to know, that as a budding photographer, you’re photos are very inspiring to me. I love the feeling, emotion, style, everything! I’m adding your new blog to my favs, so I’ll be reading! πŸ™‚
    One thing that I’ve moved on from just this month, is maternity leave.. I was a hairstylist before I became pregnant, and now I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to work with an amazing photographer! We’re working on opening a division of his studio just for me, to photograph babies/kids/maternity. Getting back into working will be hard… my son is 9 months old, and I want to give him all of me!! But this change will be good, and I love photography so so much.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this!

  40. Cool new digs Miss Kimberly πŸ™‚
    I hate moving but I love travelling…

  41. Love the new blog! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I am smack dab in the middle of moving on with some things from my past…all the way from my childhood. I won’t get in to all of it, but I’m just trying to really get over all of it and live the best life that I can! πŸ™‚ Life is Beautiful πŸ™‚
    My blog addy is http://www.charinreed.blogspot.com
    πŸ™‚ Charin

  42. Hi Kim
    I am excited for you and your move to typepad! I have just started reading your blog for about a month. You are very inspiring! Love your scrapbook stuff as well!
    Well I am from Canada and my husband and I met, and lived in a big city for about 2 years and then we both decided to move to a smaller town. My husband grew up in this small town and I grew up in the city…so it was VERY difficult for me to move!
    We have been in this small town for almost a year and although at times it has been quite difficult for me it is definitely a blessing! We have a 16 month old son and wouldn’t want to raise him anywhere else! I love the beauty of the small town! So although it was a trying time for me, God was there for me and knew that this was best for my family!!
    Thank you soo much for reading a little bit of my story! Tracy

  43. You’re so insipirational! This whole idea of moving on so speaks to me right now…I’m literally about to sit my last final exam for uni tomorrow and after that, I’ll be spending a couple more weeks at uni until graduating. But then I have to leave…move on to the big wide world. And I’m finding it hard to come to terms with that…it’s scary to move on to something new, and sad to be leaving friends behind. But it’s also something that needs to be done, and I’m just trying to deal with that and be happy about it.
    I LOVE those mini albums of yours…SO cute! (and I love your necklace that you’re wearing in the video!!)
    All the best with the new blog…it’s looking fab.

  44. My most recent “moving on” is filing for divorce. I have decided to move on to the next step in my life and not let someone continue to hold me back after two years of battles and heartache. I have become a much better person because of it and can’t wait to see what my future holds.

  45. Hi Kim!
    I just wanted to tell you that I think you are the cutest thing! I love your blog & believe this is my first comment here! πŸ™‚
    I’ve moved on with a few different things in my 23 years so I won’t bore you with those, but wanted to tell you, you inspire me both artistically & with life in general!
    Thanks for being so real & honest!
    Have a wonderful night!

  46. http://www.kimwhitten.blogspot.com
    lovin’ the new blog my fellow Kim!
    my movin on story goes a little something like this…
    I work in the higher education field.Have not for almost 6 years. Although I’m actually in marketing and public relations, when you work in education it is kind of expected that you keep working on your own education.
    I’ve contemplated for awhile now to begin work on a master’s degree – although I really wasn’t fully convicted with time or money.
    I have finally made up my mind that just because it is expected doesn’t mean it is best for ME! I would rather focus my energy on family, my faith in God, and my passion for photography and art.
    It has felt so good to “move on” from feeling pressured to do something I wasn’t really convinced of wholeheartedly. Maybe someday I WILL want to take some graduate courses, but for now I’m just happy being me! πŸ˜€
    wow I wrote a book….hmmmmmm maybe a LO is in order!
    lub ya KimB

  47. Hi Kimberly hope this new blog bring so many goods things to you, move on is always a restart.
    My story is, every month is a move on for me. I never loose my faith!
    I’m married has 9 years. the first year, me and my husband, not wanted to have children soon. In the second year I began to think about it, some day I forgot to take the pill, and again, and again, the end of that month I do not get pregnant, one year later, so many test and I had the confirmation, I can’t have a baby by my own. But every month, I hoped that what the doctor said was not true. And more 7 years I’m doing my IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) with 29 years old, and my heart full of hope! Next month I will do the transfer, pray for me!:)
    P.S. ah I’m from Brazil and my blog is all in portuguese, sorry!

  48. OOoh. Lovey the new blog. Could you send me a link to the direct youtube address? Because, my computer is spastic! πŸ™‚

  49. Hi Kim! Just want to say that I love, love, love everything you make. Your have such an amazing sense of style, you must be inherently cool. πŸ™‚
    My moving on story would involve saying goodbye to an old friend. My best friend for 10+ years had become so negative and difficult over the years that she drained me. I’m a caretaker, so I was constantly taking care of her, it had gotten to the point that I only heard from her when she needed me for something. After struggling with it for a long time, I talked to her about it, realized that she felt pretty entitled to all of that caretaking and decided to move on. I’m not bitter, I think sometimes people just outgrow each other and have to know when it’s time to call it done.
    I don’t have a blog, I follow your work on SIS. Congrats on your new blog.

  50. Hello Miss Kimberly! My name is Misty – MistyD at SIS. I’m in Kingsport TN and I am coming to the SIS weekend so hopefully you are too and we’ll meet in person! Ok,so my blog is also brand-spankin-new! Very excited about that. I decided to start a new one and not tell my mom so I could feel free and uncensored. It’s funny how sometimes you can feel more free with a stranger than with someone who knows you really well. Anyway, I will definetely add you to my bloglines! Your little albums are SUPER cute and I would love to have one. And a canvas? I NEED that! I’m re-doing my scrapspace and I need some decor! Thanks!!!

  51. Oops! I forgot to post my blog – http://mistyd.wordpress.com

  52. awww! Your blog is lovely πŸ™‚ you’re so cute

  53. Did you say canvas? Me oh my! Congrats on your move. I hope you enjoy your new home.
    I’ve had the task and at times privledge to move on from different situations in my life. Jobs, relationship, emotions. Change is good. One of my favorite quotes ever about change is by Anais Nin….
    “Change only comes when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” I love that!!!!
    aka PetiteCheri @ SIS

  54. So excited for you and love the new blog! As an aspiring photographer, you are such an inspiration… I’ve enjoyed your work on flickr and can’t wait to see your creative genius here too!! πŸ™‚
    My moving on story began almost 2 years ago when I left my crazy career in Marketing after 12 years to stay home with my son. Since then, my daughter found her way home to us, my husband got a new job that often makes me feel like a single parent, and I’m trying to find any time possible to learn all I can and follow my dream of growing a local photography business (my true passion but I have a ton to learn!) along with graphic design and scrapbooking. I just want to give up sometimes (not to whine) but then something comes up that throws me right back in. I don’t know how successful I can really be but we never know unless we try, right???
    Best of luck to you… you are going to kick the blogging world’s butt! πŸ˜‰

  55. Hi just wanted to say you are a kind and genuine true soul. I really like reading what you have to say, keep it up. I don’t have a blog, no time to blog.
    My story of change started about 2.5 years ago when I fell for the wrong guy who pulled the wool over my eyes and had me wrapped around his finger. Things were up and down…and then I found out I was expecting. I made the decision to leave and I left all the way to Ireland to live for 6 months. Enough time for him to pack up and move far away. And he did. So when the coast was clear I came home and started my current journey. Single mom, no input from the dad and a whole new world. Caring for a baby when I obviously did not care for my own self. I went back to school, made lists…and completed them. I often think about the time, opportunities, places and things I just did not take full advantage of before I had Merrik.
    I have moved on…I take care of myself and my wonderful child, I pay attention to the little things and MOST IMPORTANTLY I am forever aware how precious time is.
    Sorry for the novel…had to get that one out! Thanks for your generosity and the love and support you spread on SIS, I do not think it goes unnoticed πŸ˜‰

  56. Have you heard that song “I’m movin on” by Rascall Flatts? When I was about 22, I felt really lost as to the direction of my life. I had just graduate college, was working at a job I hated, was trying to get over a guy, and just feeling stuck in between being a kid and an adult. I was living my life to please everyone else.
    So, I heard that song and realized I had to make some scary choices. So I quit my job immediately and cut off all contact with the guy. I looked for a job in the field of my degree as well as in the mental healht field, because I wasn’t really thought that maybe I wanted do counseling and not teaching (like my degree).
    It was hard, but well worth it. A little self-exploration is good every once in awhile.

  57. this is how much you have inspired me…
    in response to my earlier post.
    tfl, kim! πŸ˜‰

  58. holy cow! you’ve got like 60 comments already, right?
    i assume since you’ve got my name over there <- that you've already found me right?
    anyway, about moving.
    today on my way to work, which i was late for once again, i MOVED over into the fast lane to pass a slow van and then i was blocked by a suburban who wasn't MOVING fast enough for me to pass said van.
    and the suburban wouldn't MOVE over into the slow lane which MOVED me to use several ugly words and maybe even a hand gesture.
    i'm sure that's not the story you were looking for, lol!

  59. no blog to post yet; but I l-o-v-e reading yours. This is quite personal, but feel the need to share (why, at the end) I moved on after I decided to divorce my husband. Very shortly after my miscarriage, he informed me “Um, I lied, I really *don’t* want to have kids” … several months later, I KNEW this was not where I wanted to be and I moved on.( should have that day!) I divorced, and began looking into adoption. A couple of years later I adopted a beautiful girl, and hten her sister 3 yrs after that, and yes, on my own and have never been happier. They are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. They define me.
    So why share what my dumbass ex said to me?because sometimes, you have to know when to move on… to take care of yourself. And sometimes it’s uncomfortable. But in the end, if your gut says GO. Personally, I think the gut is always right. Just go. Move on.
    For me, it was thEE thing that improved my life.
    Thx for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  60. just leavin’ you my info, sweets. i need to move to typepad too! then i can tell you my movin’ on story. πŸ˜‰ xoxo. see ya soon!

  61. love your new space πŸ™‚

  62. Hi KIMMMMMM! I love the new look and new blog!
    So my moving on story is not your typical one. Within one year I lost my hubby, my uteris and my dog Buddy. I hit the trifecta – let me tell ya! πŸ™‚
    So it was a very sucky year to say the very least.
    I am still working through the loss of my hubby – some people think I have moved on – but you know? do you really? However -I have always thought that when he did die (around xmas, dec. 6 to be exact) it was a sign from God saying – you know Nan? Xmas is about birth or rebirth- this is your time to be reborn. And with that I knew I was going to be okay.
    After that the big C word came into my life and for me the option to lose my uteris/hysto and all those fun parts was an easy decision. It was like out of of a Eddie Izzard movie – Cake or Death? mine was life or Death. So I chose life! Who cares if I had a nasty scar. OH? And i was 34 at the time.:) I also have 12 neices and nephews to spoil – so it was going to be A-OKAY.
    Similiar challenge was when I had to put down my beloved first dog becuase he was very sick – I knew he would be in a better place with my hubby in heaven than with me.
    So I hope this didn’t scare ya WAY to much. πŸ™‚
    Hugs to you and hope to see you VERY soon! Nan(nancy_beyer@hotmail.com and nanandbags.blogspot.com

  63. Love your new blog!
    Moving on….well in a literal moving sense….my husband and I have moved 6 times in 6 years of marriage!! Crazy! But as not fun as moving is….I am thankful for it. I’ve really learned who I am and who I want to be by moving and constantly making new friends and meeting new people!
    (i envy your typepad!:)

  64. Hey Kimberly,
    Love your new blog! Can’t wait to delve into it a bit more when I have more time:)
    Moving on…my mother died 2 years ago after suffering with cancer for 16 months. I am the oldest in my family, so I was really close to her. However, I have 3 kids of my own, so when she died I just switched off from the whole grieving thing! I was so afraid of getting depressed and not being there for my kids that I just decided to blank it. I would always talk about her and stuff, but never of her death and suffering. It was just too sad for me. Needless to say, this eventually led to me not being very nice to my husband and kids and always (well, not always!)being in a bad mood. Not good!
    A good thing – I started going for reflexology in March and I’ve been a new person ever since! The girl I see is wonderful! She was able to tell me that I was holding onto something for too long and that it was eating away at me. She was so right. So, I’ve had 3 sessions so far and every time I see her, I talk about all the sad stuff and it is such great therapy. And of course I am being nicer to everyone again and my moods have majorly improved too thankfully, for everyone involved!!
    So I guess my moving on is me grieving properly for my mother and learning to accept things:)
    Thanks for letting me share – therapy in itself:) Teresa

  65. love your new blog!
    i am moving to a new apartment with new roommates in a week. i’m using it as a clean break and a fresh start. even though i’m only moving a couple blocks away, it feels like so much further and i’m so excited to be “starting fresh”.

  66. Hmmm…my moving on has to be that I am ahem, moving on to a new age bracket (42) and a new stage in my life with my oldest starting puberty! Yikes. So I feel like this is a new stage of introspection, and lots of talks with the girls and really making family come first. Just a new stage of life for us all.
    And as a whole we are moving away from using credit and deciding to live within our means which isn’t always FUN. But with summer coming I think it will be easier!
    Lovely blog, lovely photos, and lovely company here. I don’t have a blog, but I can be find lurking around SiS!
    tammy t

  67. Hi there, you are the cutest (and brilliant!)
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I leave a comment every once in awhile. πŸ™‚
    You’re so inspiring.
    My ‘moving’ story is short and sweet – one year ago, I gave birth to my first baby, quit my job as a graphic designer, and ever since, have been on the journey of a stay-at-home mom (who also is trying to balance a freelance career from home.) Amongst other things. πŸ™‚
    Love ya and thanks for sharing your life with us!

  68. I’ve dealt with my ghosts and I’ve faced all my demons
    Finally content with a past I regret
    I’ve found you find strength in your moments of weakness
    For once I’m at peace with myself
    I’ve been burdened with blame, trapped in the past for too long
    I’m movin’ on
    these words from rascall flatts movin’ on
    spoke to me the very first time i heard it
    they were words that lifted me out feeling guilty
    about my life and moving on to times i could be proud of
    and in turn i have even learned to embrace
    the life lesson i have learned though the choices
    i was so unproud of.
    love your new blog
    come read a little of mine sometime

  69. Firstly your stuff rocks Kim!!
    My name is ‘rasali’ on sisTV, my blog here: http://creativali.blogspot.com
    My ‘moving on’ story: This year I started to see a psychologist. I had just finished three years of university, moved to a new city, away from all my friends and started a new job. This was my big move, but as a part of this move I realised I was becoming a person who I didn’t want to be anymore- a selfish, angry, pessimistic, anxious and depressed person. I needed to shake this off, and over the last few months, I have been- it’s been such a life changing experience, and while it may take time, I am slowly becoming happier, and more importantly happier with who I am! Thanks for your encouragement to share my story. x

  70. Ooooh girl if I can save you the hours of Angst that it took me to figure that out! haha I did a little tutorial a while ago cause I had a few people ask me.
    here’s the tutorial:
    Hope that helps, and if not ask me and I should be able to help!

  71. love the new blog and your video cast!
    my moving on story i guess begins right now!
    my boyfriend (of 4 years) and I have broken up and now it is a time for many many new beginnings. I am very excited about this, as we work together, live together and did a bunch of things together. But starting July we will not be doing any of these. It’s a totally amicable, adult break up and I am happy to be embracing the new joys that life will bring πŸ™‚

  72. Oh, how fun! Love giveaways. And, this topic is totally up my alley right now, because….
    in 1 week… we are MOVING ON from North Carolina and moving back to the West Coast. Moving to Arizona. Whoa! Will miss it much here NC, but we are looking forward to moving on to another chapter in our lives! πŸ™‚
    My website is: http://www.shealynnbenner.com
    Happy Friday, Kim.

  73. Hi ! I visit your blog very often but I never left a comment before. I discoverd it thanks to Flickr. I enjoy watching your pictures and scrapbook LO a a lot(and by the way, thanks for leaving such nice comments about my LO).
    I just wanted to say that I can relate to what your feeling. I think that transition periods in life are the most important periods and the ones you remerber the most. They mark the end of something (good or bad) but also a beginning of something else.
    I recently became a mother and is is very exiting for me. I love my son so much. But it is also very scary cause I realised that this new chapter in my life had change me also and choices I made before are not representing who I am anymore and I have to make new ones.
    Well thanks for sharing (and sorry for my grammar, I’m a french canadian so I don’t use my englosh writing skills very often).
    And here is my blog http://leblogdesweetmarie.blogspot.com/

  74. Hi ! I visit your blog very often but I never left a comment before. I discoverd it thanks to Flickr. I enjoy watching your pictures and scrapbook LO a a lot(and by the way, thanks for leaving such nice comments about my LO).
    I just wanted to say that I can relate to what your feeling. I think that transition periods in life are the most important periods and the ones you remerber the most. They mark the end of something (good or bad) but also a beginning of something else.
    I recently became a mother and is is very exiting for me. I love my son so much. But it is also very scary cause I realised that this new chapter in my life had change me also and choices I made before are not representing who I am anymore and I have to make new ones.
    Well thanks for sharing (and sorry for my grammar, I’m a french canadian so I don’t use my english writing skills very often).
    And here is my blog http://leblogdesweetmarie.blogspot.com/

  75. Hi Kimberly-
    I made a big life changing move this week. After 28 years of wearing really strong glasses, I had laser eye surgery. I’m still healing & somewhat blurry but every day my vision is getting clearer. Plus I had a lot of quiet time for reflection this week. This whole process has me seeing things in a different light. (pardon the pun) Kind of like I don’t have to hide behind glasses anymore, except maybe some really cool sunglasses. πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the new blog!
    Trish (bythebeach as SIStv)

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